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Latest news and insights by Marvia
Nienke Zijsling 9.11.2021 8 min read

Why a distributed marketing platform is a must for your 2023 marketing budget

2023 is (again) a year in which marketing teams have to tighten their belts. While the ...
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Julie van Strien 4.11.2021 11 min read

15 examples of brands with great local marketing campaigns

A good local marketing strategy is not just adding a local flavor to your brand's ...
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Marvia 26.10.2021 8 min read

Empower Your Brand with Through Channel Marketing Automation

Traditional channel marketing is mainly inefficient. Without a single management ...
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Nienke Zijsling 19.08.2021 9 min read

Google Local Ad Campaigns: boost sales in your physical location

Creating local campaigns in Google Ads has been possible for a while. Still, the impact ...
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Nienke Zijsling 21.07.2021 3 min read

Why you should invest in local marketing – No matter the size of your business

Most businesses spend a lot of time promoting their business to a national or global ...
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Julie van Strien 15.03.2021 4 min read

Marvia x D66 best practice: a personal and local election campaign

Personalized communication is more important than ever in strategic campaigning. But how ...
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Christopher Brown 9.03.2021 4 min read

How large organizations stay on-brand

Marketers understand the power of branding but maintaining consistency across a large ...
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Nienke Zijsling 21.01.2021 8 min read

Local Marketing Trends for 2021

The past year has changed a lot for the marketing industry. Countless new possibilities ...
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Julie van Strien 20.10.2020 4 min read

5 Ideas for Localizing Your Retail Marketing

According to a Salesforce research, 76% of customers expect companies to understand their ...
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Nienke Zijsling 14.08.2020 4 min read

4 Ways Local Marketing Automation Can Help You Reduce Marketing Costs

In these challenging times of reduced budgets, shrinking team sizes, remote work, and ...
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Nienke Zijsling 9.06.2020 4 min read

Why your (inter)national brand needs local marketing

Every marketer is familiar with the saying that brands that are closest to their ...
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Nienke Zijsling 8.04.2020 7 min read

How local marketing helps businesses to remain visible during COVID-19

The Dutch version of this article has been published on Frankwatching, the most popular ...
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