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Marvia for Wellness & Fitness

The distributed marketing platform to manage your wellness and fitness brand
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How Marvia helps you

  • A user-friendly brand portal where local users can get started with their marketing;
  • Enable you to quickly deploy new campaigns directly to relevant social media channels;
  • Profit from ordering in bulk from a fully customizable marketing shop;
  • Set up clear and automated ways of working to streamline processes and alleviate workload;
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User-friendly for everyone

Localized marketing can seem daunting to local affiliates. Marvia lowers the threshold with a brand platform specially designed for non-marketers. It enables them to create content and distribute multi-channel campaigns with ease. 

Activate your local partners and alleviate your central marketing team. Our portal empowers your affiliates to get started with marketing.

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Activate your local channels

Need to keep everyone in the loop on your January challenge? Easily distribute your content over your chosen channels, deploy multi-channel campaigns from our user-friendly portal, and reach your audience when it really counts.

Campaigns will no longer be overlooked with the use of our Marketing Calendar, which keeps local and corporate marketing activities top-of-mind with your users. 

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Happy users in over 90 countries

“Marvia offers us consistent communication, with a clear corporate identity, on a global level. Thanks to the Branded Templates, affiliates around the world have direct access to the latest marketing creative and can make it locally relevant.”
NienkeCOO, fit20

Everything you need under one roof

Bring your preferred suppliers together in our Marketing Shop: a true one-stop shop where your partners can effortlessly order brand and promotional materials from all your suppliers, eliminating administrative burdens. Benefit from bulk ordering and keep an eye on who ordered what, to make sure the right materials are with your affiliates when they need to be.

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Streamline creative requests

Do you have a local 10K event coming up and do you need specific marketing materials to promote it? Keep everything under control by bringing all your creative requests from affiliates together in one place. Collaborate smoothly from start to finish. Make things easier for your central marketing team by involving the right people in a clear, straightforward way.

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Ready to see what Marvia can do for you?

Get in touch today, and one of our experts will show you how Marvia's distributed marketing software can benefit your wellness and fitness brand.