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Elevate your Hotel experience worldwide

Marvia for Hotels

Amplify your multi-location hotel reach without increasing your workload with our hotel marketing platform

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How Marvia helps hotel chains

  • Create a centralized hub for sharing and distributing all branded materials;
  • Empower each location to cater to its specific market while maintaining brand identity;
  • Enhance collaboration between hotel locations and the central team;
  • Streamlining and automating marketing processes;
  • Stay up-to-date with local regulations to ensure compliance.
Image shows the home page of Marvia

Key features for hotel chains

Dynamic Templates

Content in an Instant

Empower your hotel locations to create personalized and culturally relevant content using dynamic templates. Craft on-brand marketing materials that resonate with your local customers, while adhering to brand guidelines, all without the need for an expensive graphic designer.

Image shows the template for a poster with variables indicated, such as variable text fields, color change options, insert personalization based on user DNA
Marketing Shop

Ordering without hassle

Whether it's menus, tableware, bed linen, or stationery, we provide a convenient one-stop shop where all your suppliers come together. 

We eliminate the administrative burden with streamlined budgeting, approval flows, and real-time inventory data. 

image shows several product in the marketing shop, with one highlighted to show more details like the product description

Happy Marvia users in over 90 countries

"Marvia is a very exciting and promising tool for us at HI Canada. Since we rolled it out, our managers have been creating colorful and branded in-hostel communications, providing a better guest experience and more efficient signage. Implementing Marvia has also created the momentum we needed to review our printing process and improve our display materials."
GaëlDirector of Marketing, HI Canada
Social Media

Share content on your socials

Drive immediate promotion of national or regional campaigns across social media platforms, amplifying brand visibility and fostering meaningful interactions.

Provide your hotels with a range of pre-made social posts or empower them to craft their own compelling on-brand content.

Image shows the social page in Marvia
Digital Asset Management

Collect & share brand assets

Don't waste any more precious time hunting for the perfect video or image. Grant local users unrestricted access to your hotel's entire collection of brand assets, all conveniently housed in one centralized location, accessible anytime and anywhere.

Image shows the DAM (digital asset management) page in Marvia

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