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Losing your local voice as you grow?

Scale up without slowing down with Marvia. Enhance the efficiency of producing localized content without ever compromising your brand.
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Set up systems for growth

Your marketing strategies need to evolve with your company. You need content localization and creation systems that don't overburden your creative and marketing teams.

Marvia offers you these systems.

Marvia's brand portal has everything you need to automate, scale up, and localize your marketing efforts. Outsource content creation to partners without worrying about compliance or off-brand materials. 

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Real-world succes stories

Our valued customer, a franchiser boasting over 300 restaurants, not only enjoys significant cost savings on content creation with Marvia, but also witnesses a remarkable growth of over 75% YoY in the volume of content produced.

Dominos dollars saved a week
"Marvia mainly offers us time savings and efficiency. We had a lot of work on our local marketing, but thanks to Marvia, this has become a lot less. Of course, there are always customization requests from our franchisees, but thanks to Marvia, we have time for this."
Caitlin Campaign Manager - New York Pizza

Is localization costing you your brand identity?

As a company, you've probably invested quite a lot into your brand identity. Which means you want it to shine through in everything you do, especially in your localized content. 

Marvia offers you a portal with everything you need to ensure brand consistency. Make your Brand Guidelines easy to find by uploading them in the portal, also allowing for easy adaptation when something changes. Our Dynamic Templates allow you to lock elements to ensure the materials are on-brand. 

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Does content production slow down when you scale up?

Our Dynamic Templates offer you customized content, at scale, while lessening workload. Pre-determine design elements to ensure brand consistency so users don't have to make creative choices. The DNA feature links data to users and auto-fills that data into the asset, ensuring the right info gets to the right place.

Create content more efficiently and empower your local users to get hands-on with their local marketing.


Discover how Marvia simplifies localization at scale

Dive into a world where brand consistency meets local resonance. Get in touch today, and one of our experts will show you how Marvia can benefit your company.