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Marvia 16.09.2021 14 min read

9 Strategies to Achieve Brand Consistency in a Franchise

Branding spreads far beyond visuals and fonts that make people recognize your brand. It ties back to customer ...
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Marvia 9.09.2021 14 min read

Ride the New Marketing Wave Using a Cloud Digital Asset Management System

Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems are here to revolutionize and optimize all your marketing efforts at one source ...
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Maarten Peters 31.08.2021 9 min read

Release Notes August 2021: Local Newspaper Ads, Display Banners and more

This quarter has been about new (local) advertising possibilities and improving the Marvia platform, so working with ...
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Nienke Zijsling 19.08.2021 20 min read

Google Local Campaigns: Boost Sales in your Physical Location

Creating local campaigns in Google Ads has been possible for a while. Still, the impact of COVID-19 has ensured that ...
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Marvia 2.08.2021 11 min read

How to Craft a Winning Franchise Marketing Strategy

Franchise marketing requires a different approach to traditional marketing and is ofter far more challenging. ...
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Nienke Zijsling 21.07.2021 7 min read

Here Is Why You Should Invest In Local Marketing – No Matter The Size Of Your Business

Most businesses spend a lot of time promoting their business to a national or global audience, optimizing marketing ...
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Marvia 30.06.2021 14 min read

Brand Management Software: creating a unified brand experience

Your business’s branding is the first thing consumers connect with when exploring your products. It doesn’t matter how ...
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Marvia 3.06.2021 18 min read

What Is Digital Asset Management (DAM) And How It Impacts Your Business

Effectively branding your business requires a plethora of high-quality digital assets. Every piece of content you ...
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