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Release Notes Q3 2022: Advanced Search, New Navigation & Adobe CC Connector

Release Notes is Marvia's quarterly update on the most important new features and updates ...
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Marketing Resource Management 101

Does running your marketing department feel like taming a multi-headed beast? Have you ...
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9 Ways to Overcome Healthcare Marketing Challenges

For healthcare marketing professionals, the challenges can seem overwhelming. From ...
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What are Digital Assets?

When you think of your favorite fast-food restaurant, what comes to mind first? You most ...
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Release Notes Q2 2022: Track & Trace, View-only users and WEBP & WEBM

Release Notes is Marvia's quarterly update on the most important new features and updates ...
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Marvia 5.07.2022 14 min read

How to make a case for DAM internally

Even when a particular technology has massive benefits, it's always a challenge to get ...
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Marvia 21.06.2022 15 min read

10 Types of Marketing Collateral You Need for a Successful Campaign

What makes a successful marketing campaign? You could say some out-of-the-box creative ...
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Marvia 3.05.2022 14 min read

Developing a Distribution Strategy for Marketing

Imagine you are about to take a road trip with your best friend.
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What Is the Added Value of a Brand Portal?

Picture this. It's one of those promising Monday mornings when your energy is through the ...
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Marvia 12.04.2022 14 min read

What is a Content Localization Strategy

Content localization is the process of adapting your brand's messaging to a particular ...
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Julie van Strien 7.04.2022 4 min read

Release Notes Q1 2022: Analytics, Forms and new Local Marketing features

Release notes is Marvia’s quarterly update on all new product en features. This quarter ...
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Marvia 31.03.2022 9 min read

What is Brand Asset Management?

A company's brand is its greatest asset. It is the business's face, personality, and ...
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