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Dynamic Templates

Enable everyone to make consistent marketing materials, even if they have zero creative experience. Empower your partners to connect to their audience while staying on-brand. 

template with customization options

What is it?

Our powerful Dynamic Template software offers endless possibilities for central marketing teams to create customizable templates that can be easily used by non-marketing partners to create on-brand, localized assets.

Whether it's flyers, social media posts, posters, or business cards, our customizable templates enable your non-marketing teams to effortlessly create professional-grade content that represents your brand's unique style and messaging.

dynamic brand templates

Benefits of Dynamic Templates


Enable local partners to create content that connects with their customers and inspires loyalty.

Lock specific design elements on the template so all content follows brand guidelines.

Easily preload data into the templates to ensure correct information is used.


Streamline the approval process with workflows that alleviate workload and save time. 

Visual Editor

Real-time edit and preview your marketing materials with our unique InDesign-based visual editorEffortlessly customize your templates to create consistent, on-brand content across various formats and channels.

Design for non-designers without worrying if the content created is brand consistent. 

visual editor

Don't take our word for it

"Marvia has ensured that the employees within Huis73 can independently create posters and flyers. As a result, there is less pressure on the Communication & Marketing department, and we no longer have to outsource design requests to, for example, a DTP employee."
LiekeMarketing & Communications Specialist - Huis73

Creative Automation

Our DNA feature knows who you are and the team or location you belong to and can automatically include content based on your profile. From relevant text like prices and addresses to key design elements related to your group or specific location. It can also predefine the set volume and customization of collateral needs for your group and auto-order customized content.


Template Studio

Unlock the full potential of your designs. Effortlessly convert your InDesign files into dynamic, customizable templates that simplify content creation. 

The Template Studio lets admins decide which elements can be modified and which ones should remain locked. They can provide options for different designs that users can choose from, striking the perfect balance between fostering creativity and maintaining brand consistency in the final product. 

template studio new template

Want to see our Dynamic Templates in action?

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