Local Marketing Examples
15 examples of brands with great local marketing campaigns.
ROI Branded Templates
Discover the benefits of Templates
Local Marketing Guide
Everything you need to know about local marketing.
Franchise Marketing 101
Answering every question you have about franchise marketing. 
Franchise Marketing NEW
What is franchise marketing? A complete guide.
Brand Localization
A short guide to Brand Localization


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Brand Portal - Based on the modules you need (DAM, Templates and Brand Guidelines)
On-brand - Customizable look and feel, domain and homepage
User Permissions - Manage a variety of user accounts and permissions
Analytics & Insights - Dashboard with detailed analytics on portal usage
Onboarding Program - With a dedicated onboarding specialist
Everything your brand needs to execute marketing campaigns and boost brand consistency. 


Everything in Essentials plus
Multi-brand support - separate different brands in different platforms
360˚ content distribution tools
Identity Management - Enhanced permissions via SAML and SSO.
Full Suite of Integrations - create an ecosystem for your needs
Dedicated Customer Success Manager 
Advanced training options - for both admin and user training.
A fully scalable solution to manage, align, and support your brand across different locations, countries, departments, and languages

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Branded look & feel
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Marvia Analytics
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Single Sign-On
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Digital Asset Management
500 GB
1 TB
Smart Search
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Open Upload
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Plugins like Adobe CC or M365
Branded Templates
Visual Editor
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QR codes
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Template Studio
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DNA (auto-import)
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Brand Guidelines
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Marketing Shop
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360˚ distribution
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DNA Ordering
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What our users say

"With Marvia, the regions can create their own marketing materials - within brand guidelines- in an efficient and qualitative manner. Global Marketing now has a central position within our organization, and has more focus since the brand portal is the go-to marketing hub for all our partners."
JobGlobal Brand Manager - Kabrita
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Is Marvia GDPR compliant? We’re heavily committed to privacy, security, and transparency – both in regards to our customers and our employees. Therefore, we are fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You can find more information in our Privacy Policy.
Which security measures does Marvia take? The protection of your data is a top priority at Marvia. Learn more about the security measures we take on our Security page. 
In which languages is Marvia available? You can use Marvia in English, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, and Polish. If you need another language, please contact us, and we will discuss the possibilities. 
Where is Marvia hosted? Marvia hosted with Amazon Web Services in Frankfurt. For more detailed information about our hosting, visit our security page.
Which levels of service can I expect from Marvia? Our service levels are described in our Service Level Agreement (SLA), which can be found here
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