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Automating your marketing production

Marvia DNA

Automate content creation with custom data to deliver impactful, on-brand content at lightning speed.
No more bottlenecks, no more errors.

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Effortless Customization

Picture a universe where your users effortlessly generate amazing customized content at scale, without manual input. Say goodbye to mistakes and delays with Marvia DNA.


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Marvia automatically loads custom data into templates, maximizing operational efficiency. We seamlessly integrate an array of data types, including:

  • contact information
  • pricing tiers and promotions
  • product feeds
  • design elements
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How Marvia DNA cures your marketing headaches

Stop wasting time

Automate mundane tasks like data entry and personalization. Focus on creating impactful content, not repetitive edits. Get customized marketing materials out the door faster than ever before.

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Goodbye errors

Eliminate human error with automated data population. Ensure brand consistency across all your marketing materials, every single time.

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Empower your team

Give your teams the tools they need to shine. Marvia empowers individuals to create customized content with confidence.

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"Marvia provides us with significant time savings and enhanced efficiency. Our local marketing efforts were once time-consuming, but Marvia has substantially reduced that workload. There are still custom requests from our franchisees, but with Marvia's help, we now have time to accommodate them."
Caitlin Campaign Manager - New York Pizza

Ditch the repetitive edits and time-consuming tasks

Contact us today for a free demo and see how Marvia's DNA can revolutionize your marketing efforts.