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Learn how a partnership with Marvia helped FILMD enhance content accessibility and add additional value to its customers.
'In our partnership, we are committed to doing business and helping each other. We are moving forward with enthusiasm until we reach our goal."
Wouter de Jong
WouterDirector Business Development - MCR
"Marvia is a perfect platform for streamlining your (local) marketing. It's a very easy-to-use (intuitive) platform that enables designers to create perfect fitting templates, and it gives marketers the freedom of using them for the (local) benefit of the organization."
RikCEO - Mannen van 80

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Marketing consultancy or digital agencies that are looking to expand their offerings. Help your customers drive growth with everything from implementation services to support.


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Tech and product companies looking to collaborate and drive shared growth. Together, we’ll help our shared users easily work across tools and solutions.

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