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Spending more than your marketing budget allows?

Marvia helps you save on spending without sacrificing productivity and output.

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Do more with less effort

Are you struggling to meet budget goals and wasting time on creative requests? Are unusable materials ending up at locations even after triple checking?

Then Marvia is what you need! 

Marvia automates your marketing processes, saving you time and money. From managing and sharing digital assets to creating new assets for local partners and ensuring seamless campaign distribution, Marvia helps streamline your marketing.

Image shows the Marvia Brand Portal home page, with apps such as templates, webshop, creative requests, and DAM

Customer case

Our Marvia solution has significantly reduced content creation costs and increased content production by over 75% for a franchiser operating over 300 restaurants.

dollars saved a week
"Marvia mainly offers us time savings and efficiency. We had a lot of work on our local marketing, but thanks to Marvia, this has become a lot less. Of course, there are always customization requests from our franchisees, but thanks to Marvia, we have time for this."
Caitlin Campaign Manager - New York Pizza

Is your content production cumbersome and slow?

Templates enable anyone in your organization to quickly create printed and digital materials without relying on creative teams or costly design agencies.

Avoiding external creative agencies for every local iteration speeds up the design process, allowing local partners to connect with their customer base without missing any opportunities.

template with customization options

Are you recreating content because it's untraceable?

Centralize all brand assets and content in a digital asset management system for easy access anytime, anywhere. No more wasted time searching for lost assets or recreating content.

Image shows DAM, with an asset highlighted to show more detail