Dynamic Templates POPULAR
Customized content at scale, with a smaller workload.
Local Distribution
Distribute campaigns in a few clicks across all channels. 
Digital Asset Management
Finding that one asset you were looking for in minutes, not hours.
Marketing Calendar
Streamlining campaign execution, without email threads.
Marketing Shop
Seamlessly order materials, bypass admin overhead.
Template Studio NEW
From InDesign to dynamic template in minutes.
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Local Marketing Examples
15 examples of brands with great local marketing campaigns.
ROI Branded Templates
Discover the benefits of Templates
Local Marketing Guide
Everything you need to know about local marketing.
Franchise Marketing 101
Answering every question you have about franchise marketing. 
2023 Trends NEW
Check out the latest trends in local marketing.
Brand Localization
A short guide to Brand Localization

Save on marketing costs?

Marvia helps maximize the productivity of marketing departments and reduce costs.
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Everything in 1 place

Guard your brand, reduce production costs and create and distribute high-quality marketing campaigns with our all-in-one SaaS brand management platform.

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ROI Results

Do more with less effort

One of our customers, a franchiser with more than 300 restaurants, not only saves a lot on content creation thanks to Marvia, but the amount of content created also increased by more than 75% YoY.

dollars saved a week
"Marvia mainly offers us time savings and efficiency. We had a lot of work on our local marketing, but thanks to Marvia, this has become a lot less. Of course, there are always customization requests from our franchisees, but thanks to Marvia, we have time for this."
Caitlin Campaign Manager - New York Pizza

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Branded Templates

Templates allow anyone in your organization to create printed and digital materials in minutes without burdening creative teams or hiring expensive design agencies.

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Digital Asset Bank

With your image bank, also known as a digital asset management system, you have access to all your files anytime and anywhere. Avoid having to search for assets or recreate content because it's untraceable.

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