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Marvia vs Bynder

Meet Marvia: a better Bynder alternative for automating distributed marketing

The differences between Marvia and Bynder

We offer you more for less

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Marvia offers a comprehensive solution to streamline your marketing efforts. Our platform provides all the necessary tools to centralize your marketing materials and empower local partners to independently distribute marketing content and campaigns. In addition to our brand management products, our platform offers a diverse range of features for distributed marketing automation.

Bynder is a Digital Asset Management platform with additional brand management products and features like Brand Templates and Brand Guidelines. Their main focus is centralizing, organizing, and distributing assets.  

Bynder is up to 3 times more expensive than Marvia when using the same modules. 

Local Marketing Automation
Marketing calendar
Marketing shop
Social Media
Out-of-home advertising
Door-to-door advertising
Direct Mail
Store DNA
Marketing budgets
Digital Asset Management
File preview
Version control
Advanced search
Custom taxonomy
Due dates
Image cropping
Roles, permissions & restrictions
Open upload
Bulk upload
Digital rights
Related files
Branded Templates
Real time editing (WYSIWYG)
InDesign based templates
Digital & print templates
Locked and editable elements
Replacing images
Approval workflows
User pre-fills
Store DNA pre-fill
Send to (print) suppliers
Print-ready exports

Data doesn't lie

These are Marvia's and Bynder's ratings on G2. See more

Ease of Use


Bynder: 9.0

Quality of Support


Bynder: 9.1

Ease of Setup


Bynder: 8.1

Ease of Admin


Bynder: 8.5

Data doesn't lie

Compare Marvia's and Bynder's ratings on Ease of Use, Quality of Support, Ease of Setup and Ease of Admin on G2.

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UriIT Manager - Steve Madden

"Marvia is a very pleasant partner to work with. Unlike companies that are selling features Marvia works with the customer on the process and the best ways support and facilitate is. Having the customer’s process as the leading factor means that the system must have flexibility to adjust, which is definitely the case with Marvia. In addition to that you get as a customer a professional consultant that guides the implementation from the design phase throughout the implementation, testing, acceptance and release. As a customer I know that I can count on Marvia!"

StefanLocal Store Marketing Manager - Domino's

"The software enables us to provide our franchisees the possibility to develop local marketing activities and campaigns, while the HQ is able to control the quality of the designs that are being used locally without costing to much time. In addition, the ordering and distribution process of materials for national campaigns is completely automated and offers a lot possibilities for personalization to franchisees."

FrankMarketing advisor - Stayokay

"Thanks to Marvia's template tool we were able to make sure that our locations don't put up homemade A4's anymore. All communication, mostly posters, is now all in Stayokay branding. Besides the fact that this is nicer to look at, it also gives the professional feel we were looking for."

MauriceMarketeer - Sligro

"The collaboration with Marvia is outstanding. They are always there for any questions and happy to help. Their solutions helps us to improve the user interface and enables us to generate local marketing initiatives."

MichielMarketing specialist - Yellow Cubes

Very complete and intuitive tool to centrally coordinate your local marketing campaigns. Especially now that the marketing calendar 2.0 functionality has been integrated. Highly recommended for companies with multiple locations or a dealer network!"

MarlèneMarketing Specialist - Plameco

Easy to use for employees or franchise partners, the use of templates creates unified marketing messages across all franchise partners.”

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