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Elevate your Restaurant Marketing

Marvia for Restaurants

Having trouble juggling marketing responsibilities for multiple restaurant locations? Boost your restaurants' exposure effortlessly with our innovative restaurant marketing platform, without adding to your workload.

marvia restaurant marketing portal

How Marvia helps restaurant chains

  • Create a centralized hub for sharing and distributing all branded materials;
  • Empower each restaurant location to cater to its specific market while maintaining brand identity;
  • Enhance collaboration between locations and the central marketing team;
  • Streamlining and automating marketing processes.
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Key features for multi-location restaurants

Dynamic Templates

Localized content in an instant

Give your restaurant locations the power to produce personalized and meaningful content through dynamic templates. Create marketing materials that align with your brand and connect with your local customers, all while staying true to brand guidelines, and without the need for costly graphic designers.

Image shows the template for a poster with variables indicated, such as variable text fields, color change options, insert personalization based on user DNA
Marketing Shop

Ordering without hassle

Whether it's menus, tableware, consumables, or event products, we provide a convenient one-stop shop where all your suppliers come together. 

We alleviate the hassle of administrative tasks by providing efficient budgeting, streamlined approval flows, and up-to-date inventory data.

image shows several product in the marketing shop, with one highlighted to show more details like the product description

Happy restaurant users in over 90 countries

"Marvia offers us a digital one-stop-shop solution that gives us high flexibility and overview. In the admin, we have the possibility to adapt store information very easily. This perfectly fits our needs."
NicoleLocal Store Marketing Manager, Domino's Pizza Germany
Social Media

Publish directly from portal to social

Promote national or regional campaigns across your restaurants' social media accounts, generating instant buzz for your brand and encouraging meaningful engagements.

Equip your locations with pre-designed social media posts or empower them to create their own captivating and brand-aligned content.

Image shows the social page in Marvia's brand portal, with examples of social media posts
Digital Asset Management

Collect & share brand assets

Don't waste any more precious time hunting for the perfect video or image. Grant local users unrestricted access to your brand's entire collection of assets, all conveniently housed in one centralized location, accessible anytime and anywhere.

Image shows the DAM (digital asset management) page in Marvia's portal, with one asset highlighted to show more details

Part of your restaurant ecosystem

We understand the complexities of the restaurant industry and are dedicated to seamlessly integrating into your operational ecosystem. 

We seamlessly incorporate your existing suppliers, including printers, POS systems, and food management solutions, into our portal, effectively streamlining your marketing operations.

restaurant logos

Ready to see what Marvia can do for you?

Get in touch today, and one of our experts will show you how our restaurant marketing software works and how it can benefit your brand.