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Marvia Analytics

Understand portal usage, track popular products, and monitor campaign participation. Evaluate, activate, and improve with Marvia Analytics.

Marvia Dashboard

Benefits Marvia Analytics


Discover what content resonates with your audience. Confidently make decisions based on data-driven insights.

Discover which users are actively engaging with your brand and which ones aren't.

Instantly generate reports to swiftly make informed decisions on content and budgeting.


Gain insights into the performance of your assets and campaigns to optimize your budget and increase ROI.


Maximize Asset Potential

Gain insights into the performance of each asset and template. Discover the number of views and downloads they receive, as well as identifying which items outperform the rest.

Analytics: media gallery and templates

Boost User Engagment

Uncover the secrets of user behavior. Keep tabs on the number of sessions, orders, downloads, and login activity of every user, group, or branch. Plus, reach out to inactive users with targeted notifications.


Amplify Campaign Performance

Get a deeper understanding of local campaign activity. Monitor your partners' Social Media activity and gain valuable insights into their participation in campaigns. Chase non-orders with notifications or automatically launch campaigns on their behalf.

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  Filter and sort

  Detailed analytical reports

  Export reports

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