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Newest Marvia update: V24.06.01 (June 11, 2024)
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Update - V24.06.01

Release Date: June 11, 2024


Template Studio - Print options are now available for new templates. This makes it possible to adjust print presets and crop/bleed marks. We also have made the QR code tagging self service.

Bulk Edit - The Bulk Edit feature now also extends to Meta Posts and to the Users overview.

Pages - Pages now has a ‘recently deleted’ overview. You can recover items deleted from Pages within the last week. 


Platform - A ZIP file is now generated when downloading multiple files in the DAM admin and at Creative Requests. This was already the case in the DAM for users.

Login - We have removed the ‘Remember Me’ check box. It is now the default, so you should remain logged in for 30 days. Users will no longer be prematurely logged out.

Pages and Products - You now have the possibility to preview inactive pages and products.

DAM - We have improved performance on video and audio previews, meaning they should be generated much faster after uploading. Also a wider array of audio file types are supported.  


Update - V24.05.02

Release Date: May 28, 2024


Bulk Edit - We added the bulk edit feature to Meta Ads, campaigns, groups, approval requests, collections, locations, packages, posts, and the Template Studio.



Template Studio - DNA tags for branches are now called locations. 


Template Studio -  Some images will appear sharper and do not get distorted in the editor anymore. 

Update - V24.05.01

Release Date: May 13, 2024


Products - We added the possibility to import and export product tags in the Admin.

Collections - A collection's sorting order and view (list/grid) can now be set on an element level. This allows you to display a collection in multiple ways on one page, depending on the purpose.

Template Studio - In the Studio, our new "keep the original file" setting ensures placeholder images remain in the final document if no new image is uploaded by the user, preventing blank outputs.


DAM - We've accelerated the process of generating previews for your assets in the DAM.

DAM - We've introduced the option to assign both publication and expiration times to your assets within the DAM, alongside specifying dates

Imports - In the past, conducting a user or location import meant that missing fields led to overwriting in the admin. We've updated this process, ensuring that fields that are not listed no longer trigger any changes.

Admin - We've improved search capabilities within dual lists, allowing you to now search by email for users and by identifier for locations.


Modules -  Previously, adding multiple instances of specific modules like My Account, Locations, and Contact to a single page led to crashes. These modules are now limited to a single placement per page.

Admin - Previously, if you attempted to access a link in the admin without being logged in, you found yourself redirected to the homepage post-login. We've addressed this hiccup, ensuring that you're now guided back to the intended admin page.

DAM - Resolved a hiccup within our category hierarchy, ensuring that deeply nested categories, such as those six levels deep, now appear as intended.

DAM - Corrected a glitch affecting the recorded upload date for assets.

Update - V24.04.03

Release Date: April 30, 2024


DAM - We now offer auto-generated AI Tags for your assets. You can still create your own tags, AI Tags simply allows for a quicker way to add more tags. There is also a new AI Color Tags feature which generates tags based on the colors present in your assets. Contact Customer Success for activation.

Template Studio - We have added two new features to the Template Studio:

  • You can now add the user DNA into your templates with the Template Studio. This allows you to fill in the first name, surname, title, email address, and phone number automatically.
  • A warning message will now be received that makes it clear if a font is not added correctly. 

Products - The bulk edit feature for products now extends to the campaigns, locations, socials, distribution, permission, price, and workflows modules.


CMS - Bullet points are now visible in the front end of every portal. 

Metatags - The drag and drop feature has been fixed to work seamlessly.

Workflows - Longer comments on creative requests are now completely visible. 

Update - V24.04.02

Release Date: April 17, 2024


Bulk edit - You can edit certain attributes of products in bulk via the Admin. It’s a faster way to make the same change to multiple products. 


DAM - A new ‘Save and Edit’ and ‘Save and Close’ button has been added. While editing, you can select either. Your choice will be saved as default in the browser.

Posts - Sorting your posts into categories is possible in the new Admin. This helps creating overviews for different topics. 

Packages - Information that has been filled out in the form builder step is now visible in the requests overview during a workflow.  

Pages - For some elements, you can add multiple of the same kind. 


Packages - A longer name of a step is now fully shown during the package flow.

Search - User’s permission will be accounted for when searching for posts.

Update - V24.04.01

Release Date: April 3, 2024


Search - The search functionality has been completely revamped. The results are more comprehensive, faster, and displayed in a more organized manner. Additionally, it is now possible to filter by tags, which can also be linked to products, pages, packages, and posts.

AI Copy Creator - When creating Meta posts in the Admin, AI-generated text can now align with the brand identity. New settings are available for this purpose.


Template Studio - You can now duplicate templates and switch them between (in)active states in the overview. Additionally, performance has improved for large numbers of variables.

Users - In the overview, you can select multiple users for tasks such as sending welcome emails or specific exports.

Admin - Consistent adjustments have been made to buttons and actions across many pages.

Suppliers - Suppliers cannot be deleted if they are still associated with products.


Dashboard - Data synchronization issues have been resolved.

Emails - Layout settings for emails in the Admin now apply to all outgoing emails.

Pages - The background image of a page wouldn't always display.

Update - V24.03.01

Release Date: March 5, 2024


Emoji - Our database has been updated so you can now use emojis within the portal.

Template Studio - The selection menu for variable media has been expanded. You can upload multiple images at once, speeding up the addition of options. Transparent PDF files are now also supported.


Admin - The user-friendliness of input fields has been improved in various places. For example, a search function for selecting a collection on a page and within the Template Studio.

Packages - For products with a minimum order quantity, this is now filled in by default for users. This is also taken into account when there are multiple delivery addresses.

My orders - The name of the ordered package is now displayed at the top of the order details.


Tile Menu - It is once again possible to link a category from the DAM to a tile.

Marketing Calendar - In addition to a few other minor bug fixes, the same issue as with the tile menu has been resolved.

Pages & Collections - To prevent confusion, we have adjusted the names of collections that appeared multiple times per portal to the hierarchy of the associated pages.

Update - V24.02.01

Release Date: February 13, 2024


Template Studio - Variable media in a template can now also be added as a selection menu. This is a simpler way to give users a number of options, with just one click.

Workflows - The approval process for requests in the admin has been completely renewed. You now have the flexibility to individually review each item in an order or conveniently assess them all at once. We have also added more details, including a preview of filled-in templates.


Pages - A search function has been incorporated  into the navigation section in the admin,  to quickly find and edit the right page.


Pages & Collections - We have successfully addressed customer feedback and implemented minor enhancements.

Update - V24.01.02

Release Date: January 24, 2024


Admin - Pages and Posts are now live and updated for a better overview, more customization options, and more efficiency:

  • Pages are fully customizable and elements can be added to a page multiple times.
  • Categories and Pages are merged and the complete navigation is adaptable in the Admin overview.

Meta Tags - Managing the modification, addition, and removal of metatags in the DAM is now fully self-service.


Collections - The module Related Content is replaced by Collections: 

  • A group of items can be placed on multiple pages directly. 
  • The order of items in the collection can be customized.
  • A collection can contain multiple types of items.

Update - V23.12.02

Release Date: December 28, 2023


DAM - We have updated and improved the categories. They can now be changed in the DAM overview in the Admin.

→ Read more about our DAM.

General - A warning is shown when Admins leave a page with unsaved changes.

Creative Requests - You can now change the name of a request, for instance, to add extra info or an internal order number.



  • Improved performance of the front-end pop-ups.
  • Items are automatically deselected after closing pop-ups.
  • Pop-ups close automatically after saving.
  • Updated formatting of the 'untagged' tag.


  • A document's file name remains the same when downloaded.
  • Products can now be filtered by category and tier price.

General - The stability of file previews is improved.

Products - Products that include a form builder cannot be directly ordered anymore. 

Update - V23.12.01

Release Date: December 4, 2023


Creative Requests - The project name is now included in the subject line of email updates.


DNA - We've updated time notations so they align with the chosen language.


Workflows - The workflow approver is no longer automatically Marvia support.

DAM - Solved a problem with previews for SVG files in the DAM.

Update - V23.11.01

Release Date: November 14, 2023


Meta Posts - Directly distribute organic posts from the portal to all locations' connected Meta accounts.

Template Studio - Users can now load information from multiple locations from DNA into one template.


DAM - Meta-tags are now organized into categories in the new admin.

Categories - Easier to add categories (to products, for instance) with the new category tree search. 

Posts - The overview page is paginated at 20 posts, so it doesn't become too big. 


Permissions - Permissions is more stable thanks to a fix in categories and the sidebar. 

DAM - Various bugfixes for better performance.

Update - V23.10.02

Release Date: October 20, 2023



  • It's now possible to Crop and Resize assets in the DAM.
  • You can create an open DAM with selected categories visible to the public. 

Templates - We've made it possible to upload a new version of a template instead of having to make a completely new template. 

Blogs - Blogs can be sorted into categories.

Products - You can add an expiration date to products. 


General - Numerical amounts and price formatting are aligned with the selected language.

DAM - It's no longer necessary to wait for a preview after uploading an asset, which significantly speeds up the uploading process.

Products - Products can be sorted by the created date.


Update - V23.10.01

Release Date: October 3, 2023


New Admin - Our DAM is released in the New Admin with more functionalities and running better and faster than ever! 

Template Studio:

  • "Legal name" added to DNA options.
  • "Store front" and "(user) profile image" added to media variables

Integrations -
We now offer an API integration with Taguchi. 

My documents - Improved loading time by only showing a user's own documents when opening the module. 

Creative Requests - You can now assign additional admins to a request.

General - First/last name order changes depending on language preference.


Update - V23.09.01

Release Date: September 12, 2023


Template Studio - We added settings for media variables, giving you various options for images in templates:

  • Determine the adjustability of an image
  • Connect DNA to automatically preload the location logo. 
  • Set the source of the image, whether it be through uploading and/or connecting to (specific folders in) the DAM.

Video tiles - You can now incorporate videos in the tiles menus to make your (home)page more captivating.

Meta Ads - The Meta Ads overview is now available in the new admin. 


Template Studio - The preview modus now shows the chosen linear scaled variants. 

New Admin: navigation - We relocated the settings icon from the topbar to the bottom of the sidebar, providing a more intuitive navigation.


Workflows - We resolved various workflow issues within the new admin. This includes template previews not being displayed in emails, as well as enhancing the deliverability of emails sent to suppliers.

Update - V23.08.02

Release Date: August 21, 2023


New Admin:

  • The New Admin is officially out of beta;
  • The Drukwerkdeal integration has been improved.

Read the latest on the New Admin.

Meta Ads: 

  • You can upload multiple images to a Facebook product post.
  • The campaign overview can now be exported and filtered per campaign.  

Workflows - The approval workflow can now be rejected. 


API - We've moved our API to a more stable server, resulting in improved uptime.

Order overview: 

  • Order details are now available in the overview;
  • All actions are available in the overview table. 

DAM - Small fix in search result sorting.

General - We fixed a bug where creation dates were set in the future. 

Update - V23.08.01

Release Date: August 2, 2023


New Admin - The Variables module is now available in the new admin.

General - Context menus are now available in all tables. 

Products - The order confirmation email and order overview now contain the number of units in a product. 


New Admin - The sidebar menu has been updated:

  • Some modules have been renamed;
  • It has a new menu structure;
  • Settings can now be opened with the gear icon in the top menu.

Variables - Big performance jump in editing variables.

General - Optimizations in front-end design.


Packages - Various smaller fixes in the Packages module. 

Update - V23.07.01

Release Date: July 10, 2023


New Admin: 

  • The Forms module is now available in the admin.
  • The Packages and Branches not ordered pages are now available in the Campaign module.

General - Japanese address formatting has been added. 


Template Studio - "Website" and "To the attention of" fields have been added to branch DNA. 

Integrations - Users can now add a general billing address to the Drukwerkdeal integration.


DAM - We fixed a bug in the preview of .mov video files. 

Campaigns - Deleted users will not receive messages in "Branches not ordered" mailings. 

Packages - Both types of workflows work in all situations for new packages. 

Update - V23.06.01

Release Date: June 20, 2023


New Admin: 

  • The Campaign menu is now available in the admin.
  • Facebook Campaigns have been added.

General - Japanese has been added as a language option, and Yen has been added as a currency option. 

Campaigns - You can now find an overview with the relevant marketing budget in your campaigns.

Packages - We've added a form builder. 

Socials - You can now add a CTA link with  caption to paid social Facebook campaigns. 


Dashboard - We've re-written and updated downloads, posts, and views, improving speed of these items.

Import/export - We've implemented performance improvements, making the feature faster. 

User import/export - The import/export is now 1:1 aligned both ways. 





Update - V23.05.02

Release Date: May 30, 2023


New Admin - Context menu's that include all actions have been added to tables, accessible via right-click/RMB. 

Templates - Two big additions to our Template Studio feature:

  • Linear scaling of templates is now live.
  • You can now use branch DNA to create variable fields in templates. 

Settings - Some new config settings are now self-service: show VAT, send low stock email, login open for registration, and language settings.

Currency - We've updated the supported currencies to be shown in the correct formatting. 


Content - We've fixed a bug that applied the background image to all pages instead of just the intended page.  


Update - V23.05.01

Release Date: May 8, 2023


New Admin - We've added several features to make the portal more user-friendly: 

  • Spotlight (search feature to help easily find pages in the Admin) is now accessible both by typing "/" and via a search bar at the top of the screen;
  • Access "Actions" menu in User Overview by right click on row;
    Access user details in User Overview by clicking on a row;
  • Multi-select product overview now available as column.

Email - We've added new lay-out settings (background color, logo height) for emails sent from the New Admin.


Template - Advanced search added to asset selection in templates, making switching between DAM categories and search much faster. 

DAM - Frequently used search terms appear at the top of open search fields.

DAM - Incorporated feedback and streamlined meta-tag search


Update - V23.04.01

Release Date: April 14, 2023


New Admin - We have added a custom CSS editor and a custom footer HTML editor to the admin. 

DAM - Introduction of metadata and custom meta tag filters allowing you to find the right asset even faster. 


Marketing Calendar - It's now possible to plan child events outside of the time period set for parent events. 

Layout - We have separated the layout settings pages, so that "general", "images", "login", and "email" are now separate pages.


Update - V23.03.02

Release Date: March 29, 2023


Template Studio - We have launched the Template Studio. This feature allows you to turn InDesign files into dynamic templates. 

Contact us for a free demo to see what the Template Studio looks like.
 Read more

Layout - We’ve added the first possible change to e-mail design. You can now add a logo at the top of e-mails.  



DAM - We’ve improved the API’s performance, so connections like the Adobe Creative Cloud Connector work faster. 

Users - Filters were added in the new admin to label users without groups and/or locations.

Checkout - In order type “Address”, the input fields on the overview pages can now hold bigger numbers.

Locations - A “Zones” field has been added in the import.



Dashboard -  User logging has been re-developed, so that all sessions are shown correctly in the Dashboard.

Marketing Calendar - We fixed a bug through which DAM asset hyperlinks ended up on the main category.

Permissions - Following the previous Changelog, removing users is correctly applied everywhere. 

Templates - The content of multi-line fields are no longer merged when re-using a template.

Locations - We fixed a problem with the automatically generated name of locations. 

Update - V23.03.01

Release Date: March 7, 2023


New admin - We have added the Products and Product presets modules (see below).

The Help center can now be found at the top of the admin. This now searches our Knowledge Base directly for help articles.

 More information

Products - the Products module is completely rebuilt in the new admin. Product types are no longer relevant, they are replaced by separate modules in each product. This gives you complete control to set up each product, and is easier than before. 

An instructional video and articles in the Knowledge Base will follow.

Facebook Campaigns: Users can view and manage their Facebook Ads campaigns under My account. This includes insight into important metrics from Facebook itself.


Workflows - A document can be downloaded from the Workflow module during the approval process, so multiple pages can be checked as well.


Permissions - We re-developed the way permissions work, so deleting groups and locations is applied correctly.

Open upload - We have solved a bug that blocked automatic preview generation.

Imitation - We solved a problem when ending imitation in the new admin.

Update - V23.02.01

Release Date: February 14, 2023


New admin - We added the Message module.

Inline editing in overview tables has been improved.

Sorting and showing/hiding of columns are now available on all overview pages.

 More information


reCAPTCHA - We switched to V2 to avoid connection problems.


Social Media - Linking an account to social media is possible again.

Templates - Some users experienced problems loading assets from DAM into templates.

SSO - Logging in via SSO into the new admin redirects to the correct page.

Update - V23.01.01

Release Date: January 23, 2023


New admin - We added the Suppliers and Exports modules (see these new features below).

Sorting and showing/hiding columns are now available on most pages.

 More information

Suppliers - The Suppliers module is added in the new admin, making adding and updating for most suppliers now self-service.

Exports - Also the Exports module is available. All exports in the new admin are collected here. As a result, you can continue working during the export and all exports made are visible in the overview.

DAM - Advanced search now also works in the admin, so that lightning-fast and better search results appear there too.

Shopping Cart - Users can export their cart so that it can be shared before ordering.

Checkout - When using the  'Address' checkout type, users can order directly from overview pages.


Marketing Calendar - It is possible to sort the internal links with drag&drop.

Categories - When linking categories, with the Related content module, the rights of the user can now also be taken into account.

DNA - Descriptions can be placed per category in the Variables module.

SSO - 'Remember me' now also works when logging in with Single Sign-On.


Templates - When a TIFF image was uploaded, the template could not be reused.

Categories - Solved a problem with saving permissions to categories.

DAM - We fixed a bug that prevented advanced search from indexing publish- and expiration dates.

DAM - Accesses with multi-tier privileges were incorrectly denied.

Products - Sorting products in the old admin could cause an error.

Update - V22.11.01

Release Date: November 14, 2022


New admin - We added the Layout module. All Settings modules are available and directly linked from the old to the new admin.

Also, filters now have a search bar when more than 8 choices are available. And items that can be dragged and dropped got a drag handle for recognizability.  More information

Tier prices - Users can now view tier prices on product overviews and detail pages. Making it easier to see pricing differences between tiers.

Integrations - We added API integration with wholesaler Hocras.


Permissions - All admin modules are now available in Permissions.

Campaigns - When exporting orders a specific campaign can now be specified.

Packages - Inactive packages can be included in exports.

Tier prices - When creating a new tier price it will immediately open 5 rows instead of 1.

DNA - Multi-pricing per product is now possible, for even more flexibility in templates.

Performance - Various updates have been made to make modules with branches faster.

Integrations - The integration with Selligent Marketing Cloud has been updated.

Integrations - We added the Print.com JSON variant key to the Products import.


Stock manager - We solved a problem with low stock notifications. Also, filtering now works on all results instead of only the current page.

Orders - When canceling an order, their marketing budget will be restored. And suppliers who receive an XML order confirmation will no longer receive a cancellation.

Workflow - Deleted users connected to a workflow do not receive e-mails anymore.

Campaigns - Fixed an issue with sending messages, and admins are added to the BCC.

Settings - The Checkout comment functionality did not save properly.

Settings - Fixed a problem that could empty API secrets when saving settings in the new admin.

New admin - Admins linked to many groups could get an error when logging in to the new admin.

Update - V22.10.02

Release Date: October 25, 2022


New admin - We added the Permissions and Requests module (see the new creative workflow feature below).

New admin - New features:

  • The Stock manager now contains ordered and historical stock amounts.
  • The Dashboard exports are more detailed.
  • Filters are added to some overviews.
  • The admin can change user status.
  • We integrated a resource center and feedback option.
  • Duplicates have direct links to the assets in the old admin.

 More information

DAM - Advanced search includes a tag cloud for asset tags, a file type filter, and a new category layout.

Creative workflow - The first version of our creative workflow module is live. With this module, users and admins can easily manage creative requests.

Checkout - When using the 'Address' checkout type, users can select the addresses from the earlier added branches' address book.

Integrations - We added API integration with the printer HelloPrint.


Integrations - For printer Print.com it is now possible to add the JSON variant key with print specifications to a product.

Permissions - Products contain a dualist to specify the permissions per branch.

Branch selection - When a maximum number of branches for a template is set, the branch selection blocks the other checkboxes.

Order confirmation - The product references are removed in the e-mail to users.


DAM - Fixed an issue that prevented changing tags for an individual asset in the multi-select modal.

DAM - We solved a problem with deleting assets.

Datepicker - The date picker randomly moves up a day in some modules.

Users - When adding administrators with the new admin, they couldn't see all modules in the classic admin.

Update - V22.10.01

Release Date: October 3, 2022


New admin - We added the
Marketing Budget (per user) module.  More information


Facebook - Facebook updated the Marketing API to V15, and a few features stopped working. We updated our connection to solve this.

Marketing calendar - Fixed a problem preventing changing the order of events in the new admin.

Navigation - External links are now working correctly in the new admin.

SSO - We solved the creation of duplicate accounts because of case-sensitive usernames.

Update - V22.09.01

Release Date: September 13, 2022


DAM - First version of advanced search is live, for lightning fast and better search results.

DAM - The aggregation number of assets per category is now visible. Also reacts to advanced search results.

Facebook campaigns - The Facebook campaigns module is launched in the admin. All information about campaigns on Facebook by users is gathered here. Currently consisting of the campaign (ID), branch, Facebook page, start/end time, budget, and status.


DAM - When adding assets to the cart, duplicates are now recognized and not added twice.

DAM - The pagination is updated to make browsing between multiple pages in the DAM easier.

Campaigns - It is now possible to specify the campaign week per product. This helps distribute multiple products in different weeks during a campaign.

Open upload - We added support for MOV files.

Categories - The 'Show categories' option in the Sidebar module is now standardly checked when creating a new category.


Layout - Fixed an issue that prevented showing the user-specified link text color.

Forms - We solved a problem with the confirmation email not being sent after filling in a form.

Thumbnails - The generator for uploading thumbnails at categories, blogs, and packages works again. 

Update - V22.08.01

Release Date: August 24, 2022


New admin - We added the Navigation module (see this new feature below).

Also, the possibility to impersonate a user and send a welcome mail is now available in the new User module.

These and a few other modules are now finished in the new admin. And some even have more functionalities than before. These modules are now directly linked from the old to the new admin.  More information

Navigation - The Navigation module is now available for admins. Here you can directly customize and add new items to the front-end menu structure of the portal.

Branches - We created an address book to add extra addresses for a branch. This is now editable in the admin and visible to users in the package flow.

Adobe CC - Our Adobe Creative Cloud connector now works both ways. Admins can directly transfer assets from Adobe to the Marvia DAM.

Budgets - The campaign budget is now visible to users during the package flow.


Performance - Various improvements have been made for faster performance.


Facebook - Fixed an error in connection with Facebook accounts.

Campaign - Fixed an issue that prevented reordering when a campaign with paid social was removed from the cart.

Related content - When categories are selected as related content, the thumbnail image is now shown in the overview.

Language - Some special Polish characters were not showing correctly.

DAM - We fixed the visibility of the multi-select checkbox for elongated assets.

Permissions - User permissions for DAM subfolders are now correctly enforced in templates.

Update - V22.07.02

Release Date: July 28, 2022


New admin - We added Tier Prices to the new admin.   More information

Form Builder - We created a form builder module that you can use to build forms per product. For instance, to make a dropdown with multiple sizes for a clothing article. 

Language - Our platform is now available in Polish 🇵🇱 (both front- and back-end). 


Webshop - We added a new portal setting that allows you to set the delivery and billing address for your complete order instead of per product.

Campaigns - Instead of displaying all products individually, for instance, multiple sizes of the same flyer, you can now add a dropdown with the different options to choose from.

DAM - We improved the pagination of assets in the admin from pagination in rails to a go-to page. 


Emails - Fixed an issue with special characters not displaying correctly in emails.

Webshop - When ordering items in the webshop, you could add "0" items to your cart. A correct order amount is now required.

Categories - We fixed an issue with subtitles from categories not being displayed. 

Update - V22.07.01

Release Date: July 8, 2022


New admin - We added the overview pages for Workflows, Packages, Products, Pages, Blog, and Media - Duplicates.

Export functionality is added for Products, Users, and Groups. And imports for Users and Groups.  More information

Templates - It is now possible to require a specified DPI for uploads per template.


Campaigns - Users can cancel their order in My Order during the campaign period.

Campaigns - The store identifier and campaign period are added to the order confirmation.

Budgets - Budgets are restored when canceling an order.

My DNA - Users may now switch between multiple branches and campaigns.


E-mails - Fixed an issue that prevented some e-mails from being sent.

Campaigns - Cloning the pricing DNA from previous to new campaigns copied incorrect data.

DAM - The upload user role can now only view Media Gallery in the admin.

Blog - Fixed an error when adding blogposts to pages.

Update - V22.06.01

Release Date: June 20, 2022


New admin - Stock manager is now available in the new admin. Also new setting pages Emails and Translations are added.  More information

Track & Trace - Suppliers can now exchange Track&Trace information for sent orders. This is shown in My Account and Order overview. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to connect suppliers.


Products - When adding multiple download files a dropdown button is now shown.

Product overview - We added the front-end categories linked to a product for a more complete overview.

Campaigns - Order confirmation e-mails can be sent automatically to suppliers.

DAM - The view-only role is now also working in DAM. For users that should be able to look up assets, but not download these.

DAM - An 'Uncategorized'-folder is added in the admin to view and process all uncategorized assets easily.

DAM - It is now possible to change a large quantity of assets at once.


Product overview - Loading performance of the product overview has been improved.

Stock manager - We solved an issue with the low stock mailing interval.

Campaigns - Custom delivery addresses are now correctly sent in the confirmation e-mail to suppliers.

Update - V22.05.02

Release Date: May 27, 2022


Marketing calendar - You can now add internal links to (sub)events in the new admin. The relevant linked content is displayed visually on the event page.

New admin - We added inline editing in overviews and tables in the new admin.  
 More information

Roles & Rights - We added a view-only role. These users cannot download or order anything in the portal.

Integrations - We added WoodWing Assets (previously known as Elvis DAM) to our integrations.

DAM - We added a new resolution setting when downloading assets in the DAM overview: "original and low res". When this type is selected, users can choose if they want to download the high or low res version when clicking on an asset on the overview page.

My orders - We made it easier to re-order products from a previous order. When you click on the product in an order confirmation, you will be directed to the product directly.

Text editor - We added new language support to the text editor in the admin. We now support English, Dutch, German, French, and Japanese.

Orders - It's now possible to add an extra delivery address to an order. 


Packages - It's now possible to download a JPG instead of a PDF when a JPG is available.

Packages - We updated the styling of the order summary; prices are only shown in the case of products.

Order overview - We made the order overview more responsive, resulting in a better user experience. 


Orders - Suppliers who do not receive e-mails with order confirmations will no longer receive a cancellation e-mail if an order is canceled.

Campaigns - We solved an issue with the non-orderers' overview that didn't load.  

Add comments - When placing an order, the add comment field didn't close. We fixed this issue so you can add a comment for the supplier per item in your order.

Update - V22.05.01

Release Date: May 5, 2022


Campaigns - It's now possible to schedule messages in campaigns. You can send them to all users or just the ones that haven't ordered yet at the moment of sending. You can also copy messaging flows from previous campaigns.

Campaigns - Admins can now easily add products and packages via the campaign overview. A thumbnail shows a preview of the item to ease your search.

Multipage templates - You can use the DAM  to add images to multipage templates in addition to uploading a file.

DNA pricing - Pricing and promotions can now be viewed (including historical data) by users under My DNA. 


Sorting - It's now possible to sort in the dashboard widgets and tables (high - low or alphabetically)

Budgets - On a portal level you can choose how orders are written off from the budget in case of ordering for multiple branches (even split between branches or based on remaining budgets). 



Budgets - Marketing budgets now show two decimals instead of five. 

Packages - We solved an issue with inactive packages not being visible in the overview. 

Drafts - We fixed a bug with my drafts that could not be deleted. 

Update - V22.04.01

Release Date: April 15, 2022


New admin - The marketing calendar is now also available in the new admin (beta).   
 More information

Integrations - We added Mollie as a new payment integration possibility.


DAM - It's now possible to upload WEBP and WEBM files. 



reCAPTCHA - We fixed an issue with reCAPTCHA V3. 

Date picker - We solved an issue where the day picker disappeared or was not visible properly in some views

Tier prices - We fixed a bug where some tier prizes could not be opened.

Update - V22.03.02

Release Date: March 25, 2022


New admin - We released the first version of the new admin in beta. Admins are now able to edit settings and accounts in the new admin.   More information


Campaigns - It's now possible to add thumbnails to a campaign package.

Login new admin - Admins do not have to log in once again to enter the new admin.

Order history - We have added a date range feature so users can check their orders in a specific time period. This also speeds up the loading time of the order history page.

DAM - We have added notifications when an asset is approaching its expiration date.

Reservations - We have added the possibility to add reservations for products without a tier.

Templates - German translations have been updated.

My documents -  Thumbnails are now automatically retrieved which speeds up the loading time of this page.


Products - We fixed an issue with slugs that prevented the product page from opening.

Campaigns - We solved the issue where the order overview of campaigns did not work properly or loaded slowly.

Campaigns - We solved the bug that caused problems with deleting products and packages in campaigns.

Products - We fixed a product import error.

My requests - We fixed a bug that prevented templates from being reused. 

Templates - We fixed a bug where the required fields did not work. 

Update - V22.03.01

Release Date: March 4, 2022


Dashboard - The report page for the media gallery is now also available.


Dashboard - We have significantly improved the load time of the dashboard.

Products - Tier prices calculation for products can now be set by total amount or delivery address.

Forms - You can now set a start- and end date for forms and add a "form-offline page" when users visit the page when the form is not available yet/anymore.

Forms - It's now possible to create a thank you page when users submitted a form.

Forms - You can now create a confirmation email that will be sent when users submit a form.


Marketing calendar -  We fixed the date picker and today button, which were broken.

Templates - We solved the issue where template-only assets were shown in the media gallery under "all categories".

Products - Product quantity is now default 0 instead of 1.

Welcome e-mail - The welcome email for new users is now automatically set for the user's language. Previously, this was set for the admin's language.
If a user has not set a language, the email will be sent in the main language of the brand portal.

Orders - We have solved the issue where "0" as delivery time, was interpreted as "delivery time = 0 days". Now, when filling in "0" as delivery time, no delivery time will be shown.

Search - We fixed the issue where an extra URL was shown next to the asset in the search results.

Update - V22.02.01

Release Date: February 21, 2022


Dashboard - Campaigns are now also visible in the dashboard, including the report page.

Form builder - This new feature allows admins to create custom forms. With the form builder, you can get user insights using surveys. These forms can be added to any page in your brand portal. 


Webshop - Delivery time is now visible for users.

Webshop - Package unit is now visible for users. 

Campaigns - Admins can now determine the order of the package steps.

Campaigns - From now on, admins can determine whether a marketing budget should be used and what amount should be available per branch.

Campaigns - Products can now also be added to the campaigns in the campaign module instead of the product module.

DNA - Users and admins can now add prices per store. This can be automatically synchronized with the prices in, for example, templates.

DNA - The DNA product catalog can now be updated and customized in the admin portal.

Update - V22.01.01

Release Date: January 20, 2022


DAM - Users are now able to navigate between media items. When the item is opened, two arrows will appear on both sides to go to the next or previous item.

Dashboard - Admins can now open the report page for orders so they can get a detailed analysis of all ordered products.

Dashboard - From now on, the template report is available for admins so they can get more details about created templates.

Dashboard - The report page for downloads is now also available so that admins can get detailed information about all downloads.


Orders - From now on, a reference field will automatically be added to the receiving address when users are ordering products. This field is automatically filled with the user's first and last name.

Update - V21.12.02

Release Date: December 30, 2021


Forms - You can now create registration forms for branches/locations, including an overview of registrations and export options. 

Dashboard - The first two reports are available in the beta dashboard: user activity and best products.

DAM Search - We added the possibility to filter your assets based on (multiple) tags. 

DAM - We added autocomplete when searching on tags.

DAM - When zipping files in the DAM, you will get a notification that it can take a while before your zip is complete. 

DAM - The amount of assets displayed is adjustable, both on the front- as back-end.

Templates - You can now add folders with assets exclusively for templates; these assets won't show up in the DAM. 


Login - We added Invisible reCaptcha to all login screens.

DAM - You can now share assets directly from the cart instead of downloading the assets first.

DAM - The preview in the detail view is now clickable and will open the file's original size.

Cart - We updated the layout of the cart overview when downloading assets.

Shop - The SKU is now displayed in the same font as the rest of the portal


Blogs - We solved an issue where the blog post's author was displayed incorrectly.

FAQ - We fixed an error when saving a large number of questions.

Visual Editor - When using Microsoft Edge, content was auto-translated in the editor.

Update - V21.12.01

Release Date: December 2, 2021


DAM - We added a 'select all items' feature to the DAM pages. Allowing you to bulk select all assets on a specific page in 1 click.

DAM - We added the possibility to search on a DAM category in the search bar.

Shopping Cart - You can now access your shopping cart from the menu by clicking on the icon.

Templates - Admins can now download the InDesign files from templates created by users.


Visual Editor - We changed the text 'create PDF' to 'create document' to prevent confusion, especially for digital templates.

DAM - The preview of assets in your shopping cart is now clickable. You are redirected to the detailed view of the asset.

Templates - Instead of adding the template ID manually in the admin, we added a dropdown with all available template IDs.

YouTube - we made the possibility to add a youtube clip to a template optional instead of being available for every template.

Scaler Templates - We added a warning for admins to check if the supplier supports multiple output formats when creating scaler templates.

Error pages - The error pages in the portal are now on-brand and have the option to contact support directly.

DAM - In the admin, it's now possible to search on tags in the DAM. 


Forms - We added a maximum file size of 10MB for attachments to prevent errors with sending forms.

Export branches - We solved an issue with special characters in the export of branches. 

DAM - Fixed an issue with the listview in the DAM. If you selected an item or selected all, nothing happened.

Exports - Due to security settings, it was sometimes not possible to run exports.

Stock - Fixed an issue with the logo in the daily low inventory email.

Calendar - We fixed an issue with rights for events/subevents on a group level.

Update - V21.11.01

Release Date: November 11, 2021


User Overview - In the admin, it's now possible to search on username, name, and company name in the user overview. 


Reservations - Username, order date, shipping costs of the product, and order quantity are added to the export data.

Reservations - In the reservations overview in the admin, we added the order number. Default sorting is now the event start date. 

Stock module - We added a filter for suppliers in the admin.

SVZ integration - Updated integration with supplier Schoondergang en Van Zwanenburg; packaging unit, prices, and stock are updated daily. 


Shopping Cart - When pressing "Continue shopping" in the shopping cart overview, you are redirected to the latest product category you were browsing instead of the homepage. 

Update - V21.10.01

Release Date: October 21, 2021


New Dashboard (BETA) 📊 - The new dashboard allows you to better track user activity, asset downloads, product requests.

DAM tags - Creating tags in the DAM now has an autocomplete functionality. This prevents duplicate tags from being created.

US address formats - The marketing shop now supports US address formats. 


Light admin - Light admin accounts rights are expanded with DAM and the Marketing Calendar. 


Reservations - Fixed an issue with product reservations that weren't canceled when removed from the shopping cart.

Asset count DAM - Fixed an error with the counter of the number of the assets in the DAM. 


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