Newest Marvia update: V12.01 (Dec 2, 2021)

Update - V12.01

Release Date: Dec 2, 2021


DAM - We added a 'select all items' feature to the DAM pages. Allowing you to bulk select all assets on a specific page in 1 click.

DAM - We added the possibility to search on a DAM category in the search bar. 

Shopping Cart - You can now access your shopping cart from the menu by clicking on the icon. 

Templates - Admins can now download the InDesign files from templates created by users.


Visual Editor - We changed the text 'create PDF' to 'create document' to prevent confusion, especially for digital templates. 

DAM - The preview of assets in your shopping cart is now clickable. You are redirected to the detailed view of the asset.

Templates - Instead of adding the template ID manually in the admin, we added a dropdown with all available template IDs. 

YouTube - we made the possibility to add a youtube clip to a template optional instead of being available for every template. 

Scaler Templates - We added a warning for admins to check if the supplier supports multiple output formats when creating scaler templates.

Error pages - The error pages in the portal are now on-brand and have the option to contact support directly. 

DAM - In the admin, it's now possible to search on tags in the DAM. 


Forms - We added a maximum file size of 10MB for attachments to prevent errors with sending forms. 

Export branches - We solved an issue with special characters in the export of branches. 

DAM - Fixed an issue with the listview in the DAM. If you selected an item or selected all, nothing happened.

Exports - Due to security settings, it was sometimes not possible to run exports.

Stock - Fixed an issue with the logo in the daily low inventory email.

Calendar - We fixed an issue with rights for events/subevents on a group level.

Update - V11.01

Release Date: Nov 11, 2021


User Overview - In the admin, it's now possible to search on username, name, and company name in the user overview. 


Reservations - Username, order date, shipping costs of the product, and order quantity are added to the export data.

Reservations - In the reservations overview in the admin, we added the order number. Default sorting is now the event start date. 

Stock module - We added a filter for suppliers in the admin. 

SVZ integration - Updated integration with supplier Schoondergang en Van Zwanenburg; packaging unit, prices, and stock are updated daily. 


Shopping Cart - When pressing "Continue shopping" in the shopping cart overview, you are redirected to the latest product category you were browsing instead of the homepage. 


Update - V10.01

Release Date: Oct 21, 2021


New Dashboard (BETA) 📊 - The new dashboard allows you to better track user activity, asset downloads, product requests.

DAM tags - Creating tags in the DAM now has an autocomplete functionality. This prevents duplicate tags from being created.

US address formats - The marketing shop now supports US address formats. 


Light admin - Light admin accounts rights are expanded with DAM and the Marketing Calendar. 


Reservations - Fixed an issue with product reservations that weren't canceled when removed from the shopping cart.

Asset count DAM - Fixed an error with the counter of the number of the assets in the DAM. 

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