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Empower franchisees while maintaining corporate control

Used by the world's leading franchise brands

With Marvia, your franchise will:

  • Have 1 central location to share and distribute all branded material
  • Offer franchisees the tools to capitalize on local marketing insights
  • Improve partner participation in marketing and advertising
  • Quickly deploy new campaigns and product offerings
  • Stay compliant with (local) regulations

Tips for a successful franchise marketing strategy 

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ROI Data

Produce more, while putting in less

The proof is in the pudding. See how a food franchise with 300 restaurants got its marketing team back to strategic work using Marvia's franchise marketing software. 

3000$ Saved / week on content creation
57% Increase in amount of content created
1700hrs Saved / year on repetitive tasks
83% Time saved on creating localized content

Marvia Benefits

leadership-icon Empower Franchisees

Make marketing a team effort; let franchisees make on-brand, localized collateral in minutes.

efficiency-icon Boost Efficiency

Automate repetitive work, increase output and focus on strategy and creativity

t2m-icon Quick Turnarounds

Respond to market demands in real-time and create on-brand materials faster than ever. 

trends-icon Improve Results

Get rich insights to improve your local marketing campaigns and increase participation. 

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Branded Templates

Content in an Instant

Let your franchisees make locally relevant content with dynamic templates. Make marketing material that responds to their local customers' needs and complies with the corporate brand book. 

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Marketing Campaign Distribution

Spread campaigns in a few clicks

Let franchisees distribute localized campaigns quickly across offline and online channels in just a few clicks. Unburden HQ, reduce administration and send a consistent campaign message.  

Marketing Campaign Distribution
Insights & Analytics

Location-specific data

Gain location-specific intelligence to increase franchisee participation and optimize marketing campaigns. The dashboard also logs individual user activity and how assets and products are being viewed and used. 

Marvia Analytics
Digital Asset Management

Access all brand assets

Stop wasting time searching for the right logo or image. Set up an easily searchable asset bank with expiration dates, licensing info, and custom metadata. Give local users access to all your franchise's brand assets from one central location, always and everywhere.

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Trusted by 80.000+ users around the globe

"Marvia offers us a digital one-shop solution that gives us high flexibility and overview. In the admin, we have the possibility to adopt store information very easily. This perfectly fits our needs."
Nicole Local Store Marketing Manager - Domino's Pizza Germany

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  • Answers to any questions you may have about our franchise marketing software