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Marvia 3.06.2021 18 min read

What Is Digital Asset Management (DAM) And How It Impacts Your Business

Effectively branding your business requires a plethora of high-quality digital assets. Every piece of content you ...
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Nienke Zijsling 14.05.2021 11 min read

7 Local store marketing ideas for multi-location restaurants

Localized marketing is an essential component for running a successful multi-location restaurant. With the ...
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Maarten Peters 12.05.2021 9 min read

May Release Notes: Welcome Messages, Product Reservations, Stock Manager and more

This month’s release notes are all about easing marketing campaigns and activating users: from a brand new marketing ...
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Marvia 6.05.2021 16 min read

DAM vs MRM vs PIM: which system is right for you?

Tech has birthed great things for marketing; automation, data analysis, machine learning and software have all helped ...
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Christopher Brown 9.03.2021 11 min read

How large organizations stay on-brand

Marketers understand the power of branding but maintaining consistency across a large organization is always a ...
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Julie van Strien 5.03.2021 74 min read

12 Examples of Brands with Great Local Marketing Campaigns

A good local marketing strategy is not just adding a local flavour to your brand's national campaigns. The ingredients ...
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Maarten Peters 19.02.2021 8 min read

February Release Notes: Open Upload, DAM sharing and more

Our team has been working hard on a lot of cool new features in recent months; Open Upload, a Selligent integration, ...
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Julie van Strien 26.01.2021 16 min read

Everything you need to know about franchise marketing

Many people think it's easy to be a franchisee, especially when it comes to marketing. After all, you have a large and ...
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