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Bram Schröder25.04.20241 min read

Release Notes Q1 2024: Search, AI Copy Creator, Emoji

Release Notes Q1 2024 - Product Update | Marvia


Welcome to Marvia’s quarterly update on the most significant new features and updates in our platform. This time, we’ll cover enhancements in search functionality, introduce the new AI Copy Creator, and highlight emoji support ✅.



Enhanced Search 🔍

We have revamped the search for users. The overview has been completely redesigned, results are displayed more clearly and can be filtered directly. In addition, the results are much more comprehensive and faster than before.

To further enhance search results, administrators can now tag products, pages, packages, and posts.



AI Copy Creator ✍️🪄ai copy creator marvia

Need assistance with copywriting for Meta Posts? Our AI Copy Creator generates text aligned with your brand identity. This feature is currently only available in the Admin section, including settings to train the AI with your brand style.


Try out this new feature now with the demo below ⬇️

Short Updates

  • Template Studio

The Template Studio has received several improvements. Among them is the ability to easily create a media selection menu. For instance, for switching backgrounds. Effortlessly add multiple images via the Admin, and users can switch between different options with just one click.

Template Studio - Selection media

  • Emoji

Full emoji support is now available, from pages to Meta Posts 👍.

  • Workflows

The Admin’s workflow overview has undergone a significant update. We’ve separated approval workflows from creative workflows. In an approval workflow, each item in an order can now be reviewed separately or all at once. We’ve also added more details, including a preview of the created templates.


That concludes the Q1 Release Notes! These notes summarize the most important changes made to our platform over the past three months. For a comprehensive list of new features, updates, and bug fixes, refer to our Changelog.

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