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Lucy Maher12.06.20243 min read

Unlocking TikTok Success: Essential Tips for Franchisees

Unlocking TikTok Success: Essential Tips for Franchisees | Marvia

TikTok has emerged as a powerful platform with a rapidly growing monthly user base of 1.22 billion people. Leveraging TikTok for localized marketing initiatives can help franchisees reach new customers and enhance their brand presence. Here are some essential tips for franchisees looking to utilize TikTok effectively in their marketing strategies.

Stay consistent and active 

One of the most important tips to boost your franchise’s presence on TikTok is consistently and actively posting on the platform. You won’t be able to attract any attention without posting. Of course, you do not want to saturate your audience by spamming them, but finding a consistent posting schedule can raise brand awareness and help to attract new followers. Finding the times your target audience is most active can help create a schedule that maximizes engagement.

weekly tiktok calendar 

Interact with your followers

girls filming for tiktokAs well as being consistent on your TikTok, interacting with your followers can also help boost engagement on TikTok. Responding to comments, replying to direct messages, mentioning followers in posts and stories, or encouraging people to interact by asking questions or launching giveaways is a great way to do this. It helps your franchise feel more personal. Engaging positively with your followers on social media can cultivate strong connections and foster potential customer loyalty towards your franchise.

Use the analytics tools to your advantage  

TikTok provides tools to analyze your performance metrics. These can be useful in measuring how your content is performing by analyzing audience engagement. It takes into consideration things such as views, likes, comments, and reposts. Being able to see which content is proving more successful in this way can help to guide future posts. It also helps to get a better idea of your particular audience. What your followers like and, indeed, what boosts engagement can be a great indicator of the type of audience you have. It can help, not only inform what type of content to post, but also what kind of additions to your franchise they might be interested in. 

TikTok Analytics Source: TikTok Newsroom

Be authentic 

TikTok is a different platform compared to, say, LinkedIn, so it’s important to tailor your content to fit with the platform you’re using. Where a more staged type of content is appropriate for other social media platforms, TikTok favors authentic and genuine content. Being more authentic helps an audience trust and connect with your brand. This does not mean losing your professionalism. You can maintain your franchisee’s respectability, while fostering better connections by posting behind the scenes content, participating in trends or answering questions personally. Show people what makes your franchise special.    

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Understand the algorithm 

It's important to understand how the algorithm works to boost your visibility on TikTok. The ‘For You Page’ is a page tailored specifically to display content that TikTok thinks you will like based on previous videos you’ve interacted with. The use of hashtags, keywords and adding location can help direct more new users to your content. Understanding how the algorithm works and leveraging it will increase visibility and your overall brand awareness.  

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Don’t underestimate the power of captions

You limit your full audience reach by simply not using captions. Captions help to make your videos more accessible. Some people may have hearing impairments, struggle with language comprehension, or watch videos in a noisy environment. In fact, it is estimated that 80% of people watch TikTok videos without sound. You can also boost engagement through search engine optimization via captions. Don’t let the simplicity of captions lessen their impact.      


Using these tips can help boost engagement on your TikTok and build an overall greater brand awareness across the platform. Your franchise could really benefit from the exposure from TikTok, attracting new consumers, cementing existing ones, and, generally, creating a positive image in consumer’s minds of your business.