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Julie van Strien15.03.20214 min read

Marvia x D66 best practice: a personal and local election campaign

Personalized communication is more important than ever in strategic campaigning. But how do you, as a party, ensure that all candidates and departments become self-sufficient in their communication while reinforcing the national message? Read on to find out how D66 managed this with the help of Marvia.

D66 is a very decentralized party consisting of enthusiastic members who like to do things themselves," explains Robbin van Pelt, Marketing and Communications Officer at D66. "Before we started using Marvia, departments themselves needed all kinds of design programs. is expensive and often difficult to use. Not every politician is a designer. Instead of designing expensive campaign evenings, local D66 members can now design quickly and easily and can spend more time talking with voters. need for unambiguous and professional design of posters, flyers and of course for online communication."

The D66 Brand Portal features a DAM system and Branded Templates that allow everyone within D66 to access and create communication materials themselves. D66 has been using Marvia for 8 years now and it has become a very important part of communication, indispensable during these elections to the House of Representatives.


"For the 2021 national elections, every D66 candidate has created their own posters, flyers or social media posts"

Robbin van Pelt | Marketing and Communication at D66

Both the current members of the House of Representatives and the people on the D66 candidate list have access to the Brand Portal. Because templates are used, the message can be personalized in a recognizable D66 style. It ensures that every candidate can easily and quickly support their own story with a recognizable D66 image, without requiring design skills.

During the elections, it is very important that a personal interpretation can be given to the national campaign: "For these elections, every D66 candidate has made his or her own poster, flyer or social media posts" says Robbin. The candidates not only campaign for D66, but also for themselves and are completely self-sufficient in the creation of campaign materials.

So there is still an old-fashioned campaign with flyers and posters? "Of course, because of corona, we can no longer stand in a busy market and hand out flyers, but that is actually quite random" explains Robbin. "Due to corona, campaigning takes place a lot online and on social media, but strangely enough, it also seems to have caused the poster to be revived. We see that many candidates have made a poster of themselves and that they have shared it with their friends and family to display in their windows."

In this way, the candidates are given the space to tell their own story, which is relevant to their own target group. Robbin: "For example, we have a nurse on the list of candidates who, based on her expertise, can tell more about D66's views on healthcare. With the help of the Brand Portal, she was able to make her own social media posts, completely in the D66 house style. We enable each candidate to tell a personal story to their own target group, in the recognizable D66 style. In this way, we reach more people and much faster. Moreover, it saves a lot of manual work, because there is no designer involved come in handy.”

Translation: "I believe a health policy should be made by people who know what it's like to stand at the bedside".  Vote D66 number 15 on March 17th.

All D66 factions in the municipalities (departments) also have access to the Brand Portal. Despite the fact that there are no municipal elections this year, they do play an important role in these national elections. Robbin: “Building houses, for example, is an important theme in our campaign. Local D66 departments can easily get started with this. For example, they can share on social media how they want to tackle the housing shortage locally. How do they want to build houses? The nice thing about working with Marvia is that departments can show their individuality, but can still emerge as a unit. You recognize D66 in all expressions, without necessarily using a logo or without telling exactly the same story."

"The nice thing about working with Marvia is that departments can show their individuality, but can still emerge as a unit."

Robbin van Pelt |  Marketing and Communications atj D66


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