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Bring Meta Ads to your local partners

Meta Ads

Make distributing Meta Ads campaigns easy and accessible for your local partners. Gain valuable local insights that empower them to get involved in social media advertising.

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What is it?

Local marketing campaigns contain a lot of moving parts that all need to be aligned and on-brand. Our Meta Ads feature gives your local partners 24/7 access to everything they need to distribute advertising campaigns on all Facebook and Instagram ad placements like the main feed, stories, Reels, and Facebook marketplace.

The marketing team sets up everything, from budget suggestions to creative assets, copy, and more. Local partners take it from there. They can participate with ease and control, and get direct insights into campaign results.

Meta Ads winter campaign - Front end order overview

Campaign execution done right

For many marketers, rolling out a marketing campaign is a time-consuming job. All teams, branches, and other stakeholders must be informed and provided with the correct materials. Not to mention the branches that often order the campaign materials too late or worse; forget the whole campaign.

Recognizable? Marvia's Marketing Calendar is an add-on that centralizes all your marketing events and campaigns in 1 interactive calendar. Finally, get rid of long email threads and static pdfs and keep everyone working with your brand in sync. 

Meta Ads benefits

Make using Meta Ads easy for your partners.
Easy insight in all campaigns for you and your partners.
Deploy localized campaigns on a large scale.
Set best-practice budgets and manage costs with ease. 

Marvia makes local efficient

Local advertising can be incredibly effective in reaching your customers. However, it can be difficult for your local partners to be fully involved. 

Give them more control and insight into their campaigns, including costs and benefits. This can boost participation and investments amongst partners when it comes to paid social campaigns. Up your brand visibility with empowered partners and cost-effective campaigns. 

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We work well together

Don't take it from us. Clients say some nice things about Marvia.

“By combining Marvia's social media feature with the Dynamic Templates, partners around the world can create locally relevant social media posts and share them directly on their own channels.”
NienkeMarketing Manager at fit20

Want to see Meta Ads in action?

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What can I expect?

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