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Analytics Dashboard

With our Dashboard, you can see all metrics at a glance. It's easy to use and gives you a clear and complete overview of all data.








Asset and template performance

Analyze the performance of every single asset and template. Get information on how many times they are viewed, downloaded, and which items perform best. 

Analytics: media gallery and templates

User activity

Gain intelligence about all user activities. Analytics enables you to track the number of sessions, orders, downloads, and login activity of every single user, group, or branch. Send notifications to inactive users.. 


Local marketing activities

If your brand makes use of Marvia's local marketing automation features like Social Media, Marketing Campaigns and Marketing Shop, analytics provides you with insights on this as well. 

campaigns local marketing visual

 Filter and sort

 Detailed analytical reports

  Export reports

Analytics benefits

analytics-icon EVALUATE CONTENT

Get insights on which content appeals the most to your users and is performing best. Analytics allows you to make data-driven content decisions. 

team-icon ACTIVATE USERS See who's working with your brand actively and who's isn't. This data helps you in stimulating and activating
efficiency-icon SAVE TIME

With analytics, filtering information and generating reports is done in an instant. This allows you to make content and budget decisions faster. 

save-icon SAVE BUDGET

Analytics gives you insights that help to understand asset and campaign performance. This will help you make better budget decisions and improve ROI. 


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