A tailormade environment

Manage your Brand Identity with templates

Consistently implement your corporate identity on all communication materials and thus remain control over your brand. With Marvia’s Template Manager module you can create templates that other employees can use to make local marketing and communications material within the frameworks of your Brand Identity Guide.

What is Brand Identity management?

Those who want to build and maintain a strong brand cannot do without brand identity management. A consistent corporate identity ensures recognition and identification. Within organisations, different departments and individuals often deal with that identity in different ways. By managing your brand identity centrally, you ensure that everyone applies the corporate identity correctly and consistently which reinforces the strength of your brand.

The benefits of using a template manager

By using flexible templates, all materials are consistent, of good quality and obey the brand identity guidelines. Because users only have to focus on the content and not on the layout, time is saved, and relevance for the target group increases. In addition, the use of the template manager also results in cost savings because there is no need for a graphic designer to be hired.