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Marvia for Food & Beverage

The marketing platform to manage your F&B brand

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With Marvia, your F&B brand will

  • Have 1 central location to share and distribute all branded material
  • Quickly deploy new campaigns and product offerings
  • Eliminate one-off creative requests
  • Improve partner participation in marketing and advertising
  • Stay compliant with (local) regulations
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Key features for F&B brands

Eliminate content requests

Say goodbye to repetitive creative requests. Let users create on-brand materials like ads, social imagery, and POS quickly with dynamic templates. No design skills or designer needed.

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Maintain brand consistency

Consistency can be quite a challenge for F&B brands. Store all brand material, marketing collateral, and event photos in a central media library. One that comes with next-level search capabilities, allowing users to filter their search by brand, market, file type, and more.  

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Trusted by F&B users around the globe

"Since the introduction of our brand portal Kabritaworld, Global Marketing has a central position within our organization, and has more focus since Kabritaworld is the go-to marketing hub for all our partners."
JobGlobal Brand Manager - Kabrita

Experience order efficiency

Unify all your suppliers' order portals under one roof, streamlining the ordering process for your Food & Beverage business.

Allocate marketing budgets and enable users to reserve event products or order kits with ease, enhancing overall productivity and coordination. 

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Keep everyone in sync

Give everyone an insight into upcoming product launches, campaigns, or events and refer directly to the corresponding content with an interactive marketing calendar.
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Part of your ecosystem

We understand the complexities of the Food & Beverage industry and are dedicated to seamlessly integrating into your operational ecosystem. 

We integrate your current suppliers, such as printers, POS systems, and food management solutions, into our portal to streamline your marketing operations. 

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Ready to see what Marvia can do for your F&B brand?

Get in touch today, our experts are here to show you the basics of how our distributed marketing software works and how it can benefit your food & beverage brand.