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With more and more small businesses creating an online presence, today's digital landscape is becoming increasingly competitive. The success of each locally-owned store within your business depends on an effective local marketing strategy tailored to their specific market. In 2019, almost a third of online consumers in the United States used the internet to search for local businesses daily. This is huge for local companies because it indicates that a considerable amount of their customers will either come directly from an internet search or conduct research online before converting. 

With local marketing automation, your brand’s visibility at a local level will become a lot easier and efficient. You'll begin to see increased productivity, more cost-efficient marketing, and expanded local marketing expertise.

What Can Local Marketing Automation Software do?

Local marketing automation software automates parts of your local marketing workflows and processes. But that's not all -- local marketing automation software also helps align local marketers with their national brand management teams. 

Local marketing automation software allows brands to complete key activities for local marketing, which include:

  • Ad creation through the use of templates
  • Aligning localized messaging with national branding
  • Organizing and storing content, such as images, text, information, and creatives

Local marketing automation is more than just automation. Marvia's local marketing automation tool also includes digital asset management (DAM), branded templates, and distribution tools to help local marketers execute campaigns.

Local Marketing Automation Benefits

Performing the various tasks that come with local marketing can be time-consuming and overwhelming for any business owner. Doing these tasks can take away valuable time you can be spending on growing your business. Apart from saving time, here are some other benefits of local marketing automation software:

  • Laser-targeted campaigns with custom content: With local marketing automation tools, you can tailor your campaigns to individual regions, markets, and customers on a large scale, but with a smaller workload. By localizing your content based on local insights you avoid mistargeting and boost your reputation in the eyes of your users. 
  • Higher ROI: Local automation software helps cost-reduction as the number of local requests for help with campaign execution goes down significantly. 
  • More consistent brand messaging: Local automation software helps businesses align local messaging with national branding. By centralizing brand marketing messages, campaigns, and creative you avoid individuals going rogue with your carefully build brand. This makes for more accurate, consistent marketing across locations.
  • More high-quality advertising: Local marketing automation helps improve the quality of campaigns released at your location, which makes for more high-quality advertising on a local level. This translates to more customer conversions.

Features Local Marketing Automation

global-icon Localization

Multi-language themes & styles per region/country that can be customized to where the user operates.

share-icon 360° Distribution

Distribute campaigns across all local channels such as social, out of home, and print.

approve-icon Automated Workflows

Standardize creative requests and add approval flows for an extra check on the creative result.

brand portal Brand Portal Maximize productivity through centralization. Store all marketing content on 1 platform.

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Dynamic, Branded Templates

Empower local partners to customize marketing materials for local markets within brand guidelines with print and digital templates. No design skills or designer needed.

branded templats browser

Digital Asset Management

Organize, share, and find all digital brand assets without wasting time. Improve efficiency and reduce the risk of incorrect assets being used. Make managing all of your brand's digital files effortless, whatever the size of your organization.

DAM browser

Campaign Distribution

Spread your campaigns quickly and easily across offline and online channels in just a few clicks. Unburden HQ, reduce administration and send a consistent campaign message. 


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Derived from store data, DNA allows you to auto-import local data, such as images, prices, store hours, and addresses, into templates to create content for local campaigns without hassle. This helps partners create personalized, relevant customer experiences with a local feel rather than a national broadcast. 


Insights & Analytics

Gain user- and location-specific intelligence to increase participation and optimize marketing campaigns. The dashboard also logs activity and how assets and products are being viewed and used. 


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"Marvia mainly offers us time savings and efficiency. There was much work in our local store marketing, and this has become a lot less with Marvia. Of course, there are always tailor-made requests from our franchisees, but we now have time for these."
Caitlin Campaign Manager - New York Pizza

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