3 April 2018

Marvia delivers KPN a central printing process process

KPN is a supplier of telecommunications and ICT services and offers consumers mobile and fixed telephony, television and internet. For business customers, the company is one of the largest suppliers of IT and Cloud services in the Netherlands

Client request

For a company with more than 20,000 employees, it is a challenge to have printed matter made central and ordered from the printer. Together with HH Global (print partner), KPN wants to set up a central portal where business cards, posters, flyers and stationery can be made up within the house style. After approval via the correct cost centre, the items must be ordered automatically from the printer.

How Marvia helps

Marvia's Brand Management Software created a branded webshop with templates for all basic corporate identity items for KPN, Telfort and XS4ALL. Employees log in and create documents within the house style rules. The system gets the right cost centre and competent manager from the HR database and ensures that the right person receives a notification to approve the order. Once approved, the orders are placed with the printer and the costs are posted to the correct cost center.

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