Leverage your Local Marketing Potential

Local Marketing Automation

  • Store all marketing content on one cloud-based platform.
  • Secure and share your brand guidelines digitally
  • Enable easy search, distribution, and reuse across campaigns.
  • Enable associates to produce marketing for all channels with dynamic templates, freeing up design resources, and ensuring brand consistency.

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Marvia Benefits

t2m-icon Speed to Market

Bring on-brand content to market faster than ever.

teamwork-icon Activate local users

Make marketing a team effort; let users make marketing materials in minutes.

trends-icon Reporting & Analtyics Get rich insights to execute and improve your campaigns.
efficiency-icon Save Save on cost by automating operational marketing tasks.

Achieve Alignment

Achieve corporate-local alignment by giving local teams and users the tools they need to create on-brand marketing materials in minutes.

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Access all brand assets

Stop wasting time searching for the right logo or image. Set up an easily searchable asset bank with expiration dates, licensing info and custom metadata. 
"Since the introduction of our brand portal Kabritaworld, Global Marketing has a central position within our organisation, and has more focus since Kabritaworld is the go-to marketing hub for all our partners."
Job Global Brand Manager - Kabrita

Boost Brand Experience

See a measurable increase in brand consistency and enrich your brands' perception by using digital brand guidelines. 

Part of your Ecosystem

We believe our software should strengthen your current tool-stack. That's why we can connect with any party through API. Alternatively, external parties can link with Marvia through our own API, for which we use OpenAPI specification.

Check out our popular integrations below.

Adobe InDesign

Design Tools


Social Media





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