10 April 2018

ZEISS Vision Care automates local marketing

ZEISS Vision Care is one of the global market leaders in the field of spectacle lenses and diagnostic tools. The brand has an extensive dealer network of opticians throughout the Netherlands that sell ZEISS products to consumers. These opticians carry a wide range of brands of eyeglass lenses, making it essential to bring the products of ZEISS Vision Care to the attention.

Client request

To reach consumers, ZEISS uses folders, POS material and flyers. To increase the involvement of the independent opticians, support from ZEISS by creating these marketing materials is essential. The desire is to automate the entire local marketing process: from layout to distribution. User friendliness, cost reduction and local content must be central to the solution offered.

How Marvia's tools for local marketing help

Thanks to Marvia's Local Store Marketing software, opticians can choose from standard expressions that are defined in templates. By customising local images and text, personalised expressions are created that fall within the corporate identity of ZEISS. The files are easy to export to printable PDF files or can be transferred directly to the printing and distribution module. The solution offered results in increased conversion through the use of personalised content and increases the involvement of independent opticians.

“Not only is this important for the opticians’ emotions, giving them the will to participate in ZEISS campaigns. But this also increases the response because of the personalisation and the “personal touch”. Making the optician the “local hero” in his or her region. Empowered of course by the brand ZEISS.”

Arjen Zijlstra, Marketing Manager ZEISS Vision Care

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  10 April 2018       By Merlijn Bruijnes

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