10 October 2019 00:00

Marvia Inspiration Day: development update

During the Inspiration day, we introduced the guests to some of our new features, work in progress and showed them our roadmap for 2020. During 2019 our primary development focus was on creating an overview, and more possibilities, for an admin to release local campaigns and to look for more ways to activate users. Here is a summary of some of the updates we gave on the 2nd of October:

Ticket system

From now on, we will be using a brand new ticket system. We need this system to make sure always to deliver top-notch support within the SLA.

UX/UI flow

We have started working with a strict internal UX/UI flow to redesign the user interface of our main pages.




API with Messagebird

We have built an API with Messagebird. Starting today, we can push messages to Whatsapp and Facebook within our brand portals.

Message module

We have worked on our message module. From now on it's possible to mass message all the users within the portal, notify them through push messages and place sticky notes to inform them with new content or alert users on new marketing materials.

DAM module updates

We added various new features to our digital asset management module:

  • There's a drag and drop functionality for files. 

  • Multi upload/multi-edit

  • MP4 preview

  • Meta tagging 

Direct Mailing per zipcode

We released a new feature where you can send out a personalised door-to-door mailing to selected zip codes. The zipcodes can easily be selected on an interactive map. 


Push to Facebook

Create, preview, post and plan your Facebook posts. You can create posts within the brand guidelines and push, or schedule them for a later moment, directly from the portal to your companies Facebook page.

Do you want to learn more about Marvia or get to know more about the full list of features we have been working on? Contact ray@getmarvia.com for more information.

  10 October 2019 00:00       By Maarten