15 April 2017 00:00

Local Marketing Automation top priority


Local Marketing, nice term, but what is it? The corporate and local marketer are at odds when it comes to their brand monitoring. Local marketers want to create independently while corporates wish to direct and standardize.

In addition to irritation and inefficiency, a critical problem is a fragmented brand experience. Gleanster has researched the main reasons why parties have made the step to Local Marketing Automation (LMA).

Benefits local marketing automation

The research showed that automating your local marketing provides the following benefits:

  • Personalizing local marketing communications: LMA makes it possible to create local marketing expressions in a scalable way. Respondents indicated an 18% higher conversion in local expressions compared to national campaigns;
  • Increased turnover: Personalized communication leads to a closer relationship with loyal customers, which leads to higher sales. 74% of local entrepreneurs indicate that they know more about their target group than the corporate marketer;
  • Cost reduction: The scalability of the solution saves costs on DTP and fragmentation of the other marketing packages such as the use of different email tools;
  • Corporate identity monitoring: Crucial, in a market where there is orientation across multiple channels and failures become immediately visible and go viral;
  • Time 2 market: The lead time for creating a local, contemporary campaign is currently an obstacle. With the use of LMA, lead times are reduced by 40% on average;
  • Insight in marketing effectiveness: Multiple, separate toolings often perform local and corporate marketing. Because the performance data of your campaigns are stored in various places, it's impossible to analyze it accurately. Analytics in LMA gives you one central overview in the performance of your campaigns.


Recognizable? We have the knowledge to set up your local marketing effectively, know the opportunities, but also understand the pitfalls. Contact us to see how you can effectively communicate regionally or view the possibilities of our local marketing software.

  15 April 2017 00:00       By Merlijn Bruijnes