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New York Pizza

Enabling the creation of large-scale localized marketing campaigns

New York Pizza is a leading pizza delivery and takeaway franchise in the Netherlands, boasting over 270 branches. Established in 1993 with its first store in Amsterdam, the company has now expanded its reach to Belgium and Germany in 2021.

New York Pizza prides itself on being a franchise formula that goes above and beyond to support its franchisees in their localized marketing endeavors.

Food Delivery
>270 in the Netherlands
>100 in Germany


As New York Pizza (NYP) continues to expand rapidly, the demand for local store marketing materials is on the rise with each new store that opens its doors.

Previously, the creation of these materials was a tedious and error-prone process, handled manually by NYP's marketing department and advertising agency.

Recognizing the need for a change, NYP's marketing team sought to reduce repetitive requests and shift their focus towards impactful branding activities.


New York Pizza was looking for a solution in which:

  • They can provide their locations with marketing assets such as images, logos, and campaign materials
  • The location manager is supported as much as possible in (localized) marketing
  • Branches can create their own marketing materials within the New York Pizza brand identity
  • Branches can independently distribute folders and direct mail
  • POS and other store materials can be ordered easily
"We are incredibly happy to now be able to give our franchise partners the opportunity to receive customized marketing materials in a simple way. In addition, the platform not only facilitates our work in marketing through dynamic adaptations and automations, but also helps our partners, such as our creative agency, to deliver faster and with greater quality assurance. We are sure that this will enable us to further advance our marketing and sales goals"
new york pizza quare
UlrikeHead of Marketing, New York Pizza Germany
"Marvia mainly offers us time savings and efficiency. There was much work in our local store marketing, and this has become a lot less with Marvia. Of course, there are always tailor-made requests from our franchisees, but we now have time for these." 
CaitlinCampaign Manager, New York Pizza Netherlands


Marvia has developed a customized Brand Portal known as "Toolbox" for New York Pizza. The portal includes a DAM, and dynamic brand templates, along with additional features such as social media integration, door-to-door leaflet distribution, and a marketing shop.

With the Toolbox, New York Pizza locations now can effortlessly create and order marketing materials for both national and local campaigns. This empowers them to effectively promote their brand and reach a wider audience.


The Brand Portal automates marketing tasks and allows the marketing department to delegate work to local franchisees. The central team ensures the Toolbox is filled with customizable assets and campaigns, while the franchisees handle the rest.

Franchisees can now design and distribute their own materials, including posters, flyers, and social media messages, using the Social Media and Door-to-Door leaflet integrations.


With the seamless connection between Marvia and NYP's database, store information such as prices, addresses, and opening hours can be effortlessly populated onto food menu cards and other POS materials on a store level.

>270 locations
>2K assets
>6K template creations

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