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New York Pizza is a Dutch pizza delivery and takeaway company that is market leader with more than 210 branches. The company opened its doors in 1993 with a shop on the Spui in Amsterdam. Since 1996, New York Pizza has also been focusing on the delivery market. 

New York Pizza works according to the franchise formula and tries to support its franchisees as much as possible in their (local) marketing activities.

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New York Pizza (NYP) is a fast-growing franchise organisation, and therefore the need for local store marketing materials is growing with every new store opened. 
Creating local materials is a very labour-intensive process that is costly, complex, time-consuming and very susceptible to error.
Also, NYP notices that the need for the type of campaigns among branches is similar; only small changes are needed per store such as store information or campaign dates. Headquarters wants to eliminate one-off requests and get back to brand-building activities.
  • A solution in which the location managers could be supported as much as possible in (local) marketing;
  • The distribution of folders and direct mails should be more efficient than manual planning;
  • NYP organises national campaigns in which every franchisee must participate. Every store needs to receive the right promotional materials automatically. Data should be kept up-to-date without manual adjustments. 
caitlin boontjes new york pizza
"Marvia mainly offers us time savings and efficiency. There was much work in our local store marketing, and this has become a lot less with Marvia. Of course, there are always tailor-made requests from our franchisees, but we now have time for these at headquarters and our advertising agency."
Caitlin Campaign Manager - New York Pizza


Thanks to Marvia's software, all campaigns and materials are accessible online. Our franchisees now create their own (local) campaigns and distribute DMs or folders themselves. They can also order promotional materials for national campaigns. Because Marvia is linked to our database, we ensure that we don't waste materials during a campaign because we know exactly the amount of POS that every store has. This is not only environmentally conscious, something we value, but it's also cost-saving. 

Overall, Marvia saves our advertising agency and us much time which we can spend on other marketing activities like creating creative campaigns. 

215 Locations
238 Users
466 Marketing Materials
382 Assets

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