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Fletcher Hotels

Empowered and engaged employees thanks to Marvia.


Fletcher Hotels is a hotel chain with over 110 locations in the Netherlands and ambitions to grow internationally. 

Fletcher sets itself apart due to its authentic hotel-restaurants, located in the most beautiful places in the Netherlands. Fletcher offers various concepts in their hotels, such as welness locations and special restaurant formulas.

Fletcher Hotels logo

Hospitality, hotels

Over 110


Fletcher faced significant challenges in the production and ordering of branded marketing and communication materials.

  • Order processing demanded constant supervision and monitoring from the marketing team.
  • The hotels operate 24/7, but are dependent on the marketing team, who keep office hours, to process and coördinate requests.
  • When orders were delayed, employees created their own materials, often not following the brand guidelines.
  • Due to a lack of permissions and a lack of clarity regarding which materials could be used by whom, hotels were sometimes supplied with incorrect marketing materials.


Fletcher was looking for a software solution that could: 

  • Simplify ordering for online and offline brand- and marketing materials, considerably relieving the marketing team.
  • Offer an assortment of materials that would inspire the hotels to find new ways to express the Fletcher brand.
  • Allow hotels to order materials 24/7
  • Offer a clear structure of permissions that controls who can order which products. 
  • Empower hotel employees to make their own materials without worrying about brand consistency.
  • Connect to Fletcher's existing suppliers
"With Marvia, we facilitate a solution for our hotels that allows users to easily and quickly create materials that stay on-brand."
Fletcher logo
Maurice KoolCreative services manager at Fletcher


With Marvia, one central marketing portal was created where Fletcher's hotels can create and order their marketing materials.

Hotels can quickly and easily order relevant materials in the marketing shop, guided by the clear permissions structure. The central marketing team is alleviated because all communication around orders is centralized in the portal. 

Fletcher brandshop example

Since launching the shop, there has been an increase in orders by both the hotel managers and the marketing team every month. The user feedback is very positive, with the hotels having more insight and feeling empowered to get involved in their local marketing activities. The marketing team no longer has to spend time micro-managing orders, which means they have more time to focus on strategic work and expanding their brand materials.

fletcher brand store order approve
An easy integration

Fletcher / Marvia / Print.com

Fletcher had a crucial demand - the chosen platform needed to seamlessly connect with their current supply partners. This included their favored supplier for printed products: Print.com.

At Marvia, we seamlessly integrate with your existing ecosystem, including technology and supplier relationships. That's why we fully integrated Print.com as a supply option in our portal, allowing Fletcher employees to easily order their marketing and brand materials through Marvia.


Logo's Print.com, Fletcher hotels, Marvia

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