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Domino's Pizza

Boosting local presence with Marvia


Domino’s Pizza is not only the global leader in pizza delivery and takeaway but also holds the top position in the Dutch market with a whopping 350 stores. With a strong determination to expand its national network, the company consistently employs localized marketing strategies to assist its Dutch and Belgian franchises in achieving maximum efficiency.

dominos logo vertical
Food Delivery

>350 in the Netherlands
>1.000 in the rest of Europe
>1.000 in Japan


Campaigns, Local Distribution
incl. Social, OOH & DM


Activating local stores and franchisees to kickstart their marketing efforts with appropriate materials and campaigns poses a significant challenge for Domino's. In the past, franchisees had to invest a great deal of time in sending out and creating direct mail, which unfortunately led to minimal participation.

Furthermore, managing the allocation of marketing costs between centralized and local initiatives is a complex task in the current scenario. Each franchisee of Domino's Pizza operates with its own budget for executing marketing campaigns such as door-to-door advertising and direct mail. 


Domino's Pizza had specific requirements for their franchise marketing platform:

  • A user-friendly portal for creating and ordering marketing materials within brand guidelines.
  • Flexibility for franchisees to decide if they wanted to participate in a campaign, on which channels, and to what extent.
  • The platform needed to distribute marketing content on a local level across Social Media, Out-of-Home, and Direct Mail channels.
  • Franchisees needed visibility into campaign budgets and costs.
  • Lastly, the solution needed to be scalable and viable for international use.
"We have benefitted in a great way by using Marvia, but I believe there are still a lot more benefits to gain, and Marvia is always working with us to see and understand how we can gain those benefits."
StefanLocal Store Marketing Manager - Domino's Pizza


Thanks to Marvia, a centralized marketing portal has been established for all Domino branches in the Netherlands and Belgium to effortlessly create and publish their marketing materials.

The portal significantly reduces the time franchisees spend on developing localized marketing campaigns, while simultaneously enhancing the connection between the message and the target audience. If a customer receives a pizza late this week, he will receive a DM with a nice offer at the end of the week.

dominos pizza brand portal

Domino's Pizza is extremely pleased with the solution provided. As time passed, we continued to expand the platform by introducing new features and channels like a marketing calendar and paid social media.

Initially, the platform had the participation of 15 stores. However, this number has skyrocketed to nearly 500 in the Netherlands and Belgium. Not only has the success of the portal been recognized internally, but it has also inspired other countries such as Japan, France, and Germany to create their very own portals.

direct mail
>500 branches
4620 assets
>35K asset downloads
>20K created materials

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