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Domino’s Pizza  is the world's largest pizza delivery and takeaway company and can also call itself the market leader in the Dutch market, with over 200 stores. Their ambition is to expand their national network to at least 350 branches. The company regularly uses local marketing and wants to help its Dutch and Belgian franchises to use it as efficiently as possible.

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One of Domino's biggest challenges is to activating local stores and franchisees to get started with suitable marketing materials and campaigns. Before Domino's used Marvia, franchisees spent much time sending and creating marketing materials, which resulted in low participation.

Also, registration of central vs. local marketing costs is complex in the current situation—the franchisees of Domino’s Pizza all work with their own budget for door-to-door advertising and direct marketing (DM).


Domino's Pizza had te following requirements for a local marketing automation tool:

  • Portal where all matters related to marketing can easily be drawn up and ordered within brand guidelines;
  • Possibility for the franchise to decide if they participate in a campaign, via which channels, and to what extent;
  • Possibility to distribute to Social Media, Out-of-Home, and Direct Mail on a local level from within the tool;
  • Insight into the budgets and costs of the funds deployed by the franchise;
  • A scalable solution that is viable internationally. ­
"We have benefitted in a great way by using Marvia, but I believe there are still a lot more benefits to gain, and Marvia is always working with us to see and understand how we can gain those benefits."
StefanLocal Store Marketing Manager - Domino's Pizza


Thanks to Marvia, one central marketing portal was created where all the Domino branches in the Netherlands and Belgium can make and publish their marketing materials. The platform ensures franchisees spend less time on creating local marketing materials while the message connects better with the target audience. If a customer receives a pizza late this week, he will receive a DM with a nice offer at the end of the week.

dominos pizza brand portal

Domino’s is very satisfied with the provided solution. Over the years we kept adding new channels to the platform such as paid social.  

When the platform was rolled out, 15 stores participated. This number has grown to almost 500 in the Netherlands and Belgium. The portal's success did not go unnoticed internally either. Various other countries, including Japan, France, and Germany, now also have their own portal.

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492 Branches
4620 Assets
>35K Asset downloads
>20K Created materials

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