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Centralized control, decentralized usage

Brand Portal

Manage your brand effectively with Marvia's Brand Portal software.

Centralize control, simplify tasks, and ensure brand consistency with our easy-to-use, efficient platform.

Marvia brand portal

Brand Portal benefits

Respond to market demands in real-time and create on-brand materials faster than ever.
Standardize creative requests and add approval flows for an extra check on the creative result.
Multi-language themes & styles per region/country that can be customized to where the user operates.
Enhance marketing production efficiency and save on costs by automating operational marketing tasks.

Achieve alignment

Drive synergy between central and local teams by giving your local partners the support they need to create on-brand content and boost partner participation. 

marvia branded templates

Acces all brand assets

Stop wasting time searching for the right image or logo. Set up an easily searchable asset bank with expiration dates, licensing info, and custom metadata.

DAM browser

Consistency across all channels

Ensure company-wide brand consistency, even on a local level, by using rich brand guidelines. Refer directly to essential brand assets and templates. 

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We work well together

Don't take it from us. Clients say some nice things about Marvia.

Check out our independent G2 reviews. 

“Since the introduction of our brand portal Kabritaworld, Global Marketing has a central position within our organization and has more focus since Kabritaworld is the go-to marketing hub for all our partners.”
JobGlobal Brand Manager - Kabrita

Keep everyone in sync

Bring all your marketing activities and campaigns together in one interactive calendar. Link directly to relevant campaign materials and send notifications to always stay updated.

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