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Médecins du Monde chooses Marvia for Digital Asset Management

October 7, 2020

The international network of Médecins du Monde (including Doctors of the World), an independent international voluntary movement working at home and abroad, has chosen the Amsterdam based software company Marvia as their Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution.

Nadia Dafir, Network Communication Coordinator at Médecins du Monde: “Every office had its own tools, such as external hard drives and clouds like Dropbox and Google Drive, which resulted in assets being fragmented across the organization. We were searching for a tool that could create synergy between our 16 offices, which could help us be more efficient in sharing photos, video’s and other digital assets.
From now on, all the head offices have access to one central DAM system where they can share and search for photos and videos necessary for online and offline communication such as their websites, social media, emailing, and communications in printed media.

Médecin du Monde chooses Marvia

Sharing assets across 16 countries 

For Médecins du Monde, it was mandatory that their offices could share their photographs with colleagues in all 16 country delegations. Dafir continues: “Some of the larger offices have their own photographers and an extensive database of photos, while smaller offices do not have these resources. Before, offices exchanged photos via email, which is inefficient when you are in a different time zone. When there is an emergency like in Beirut, photos within the same categories, so it is crucial that detailed tagging is possible. Marvia’s DAM offers many features, like adding tags and photographer information, making us more efficient." or Lesbos, you have to act and fundraise quickly. You can’t afford to wait to receive the right pictures.” Other conditions that the new system had to meet were adding copyright information and comprehensive search functionality. Dafir: “We have a huge database of photos within the same categories, so it is crucial that detailed tagging is possible. Marvia’s DAM offers many features, like adding tags and photographer information, making us more efficient."

Marvia DAM Médecins du Monde


Ray de Jong, Business Development Manager at Marvia: “We are pleased Doctors of The World has chosen us as their DAM solution and are looking forward to a long-term partnership. We feel honored to contribute to their mission of providing humanitarian aid by streamlining their marketing-communication activities." 

About Médecins du Monde 

Médecins du Monde is an independent humanitarian movement working at home and abroad to empower excluded people to access healthcare. Through 350 programs in 80 countries, they provide medical care, strengthen health systems, and address underlying barriers to health.

Automate marketing activities with Marvia

Marvia makes managing all digital files of your brand child's play. Thanks to the Digital Asset Management solution, endless searching for the right logo or image is a thing of the past. Marvia is a pioneer in local marketing automation. Their software simplifies every aspect of local marketing and enables organizations to control their marketing materials centrally.

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