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Marvia reports a record customer growth of 130% in the last year

August 23, 2021

Marvia, the SaaS platform specializing in solutions for distributed marketing, announced record customer acquisition growth, achieving a 130% increase in its client roster over the previous 12 month period. This marks the company’s highest percentage of customer growth ever. 

Marvia’s newest customers include leading companies in retail, franchise, insurance and financial services, agriculture, energy, automotive, and healthcare. 

Joep Donders, CEO of Marvia comments,

“During the pandemic, reduced budgets, remote work, and rapidly shifting circumstances led a lot of businesses to search for ways to improve marketing operations and accelerate their digital transformation. Marvia enhances marketing production efficiency and enables local employees and partners to capitalize on local market insights. Businesses see a huge success in tailoring their marketing to individual regions and markets. 

Further, we strengthened our North-American presence this year by opening our Portland office to build the team to better support our customers and partners there.

Looking ahead, I am excited about the vast opportunities for Marvia as we continue to ease the life of (local) marketers and help them activate their local marketing potential.” 

About Marvia

Marvia is a SaaS Local Marketing Automation platform that makes brands more successful by leveraging their local marketing potential. The company offers a one-stop solution that allows brands to centrally manage their marketing materials and their decentralized teams and partners to customize marketing materials at the local level. The company operates in 90 countries and has more than 80,000 users worldwide. Many well-known brands use the Marvia platform, including Domino’s Pizza, Toyota, Pedego, ZEISS, Kabrita, Papa John’s, and Berg Toys.

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