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Marvia announces partnership with CI HUB

October 27, 2021

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Local Marketing Automation software supplier Marvia today announced a new partnership with CI HUB. Thanks to the new collaboration, Marvia customers can directly access digital assets stored within their Marvia portal, in Adobe Creative Cloud or Microsoft Office applications.

Jorg Seidler, COO of CI HUB: “We are very excited about our partnership with Marvia and can’t wait to support their customers in their daily work by accelerating the creation of marketing material. By speeding up their day to day workflow, they gain valuable time to put towards more interesting projects and get back their most precious asset: creativity!”

Merlijn Bruijnes, CTO of Marvia: “We are really excited about partnering with CI HUB to allow Marvia clients to access and use all digital assets stored in their Brand Portal within their Adobe CC and Microsoft Office applications. This new integration accelerates the entire creative process and modification of digital assets.”

About Marvia

Marvia makes brands more successful by activating their local marketing potential. The company is a pioneer in the use of automation in the creation of (local) marketing materials. The SaaS solution enables branches to create personalized and locally relevant marketing materials, within the corporate identity.

About CI Hub


CI HUB is the leading digital asset aggregator, enabling you to work smarter and more seamlessly without hopping between windows. The philosophy behind CI HUB Connector for Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office365, and Google Workspace is to be a single source of access to centralized data and assets in your marketing ecosystem. For more information, visit CI-hub.com

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