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Heereveen, the Netherlands

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About TEAM Communicatie

TEAM is a strategic and creative communications agency.

They are not an agency for everyone. They are for brands that do not want to pretend to be different, dare to stay close to themselves and - with TEAM - want to go to the next level. Full of ambition and inexhaustible drive, that's TEAM.

Their priority is the success of the brand they are working on. Bragging, bravado, and small talk are not their thing. They have fun with their clients. TEAM works hard and makes beautiful things from the heart. They go deep, understand, connect, and don't beat around the bush. From powerful brand positioning to smart campaigns; TEAM helps you.

Live your brand.

TEAM Communicatie logo
Pim Balkesteijn - TEAM Communicatie
"Our TEAM is looking forward to working with Marvia. Together we are going to help companies achieve their (marketing) goals!"
Pim Balkestein Co-owner TEAM Communicatie

Contact TEAM Communicaite

Looking for a communications agency with heart? Contact TEAM Communicatie via the information below to see what they can do for you.

Heerenveen (HQ)
De Opslach 57
8448 GV Heerenveen
The Netherlands