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Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands

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Spark combines its unique strengths in photography, videography, and graphic design into something good. It can get just the right pictures at the right moments, no compromising needed. Straight from the photographer’s or videographers reel to the graphic designer’s screen, all working as part of the same team.

Spark can fully finetune the process to optimize the way in which they deliver the exact right story. The story that is probably already in your head, as the owner of a product or service, but that may need some translating into relatable images for the outside world.

Let Spark be that translator and they will help you on your way to to tell your story in an uplifting combination of photography and design.

spark logo
spark logo
"Thanks to a combination of design knowledge and knowledge of the customer and the software, the partnership between Spark and Marvia truly adds value for customers and partners."
Creative Director at Spark

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