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Plan your marketing campaigns with ease and keep everyone in sync

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Campaign execution done right

For many marketers, rolling out a marketing campaign is a time-consuming job. All teams, branches and other stakeholders must be informed and provided with the correct materials. Not to mention the branches that often order the campaign materials too late or worse; forget the whole campaign.

Recognizable? Marvia's Marketing Calendar is an add-on that centralizes all your marketing events and campaigns in 1 interactive calendar. Finally get rid of long email threads and static pdfs and keep everyone working with your brand in sync. 

Flexible calendar

Is your company struggling to find a marketing project management tool that helps you with campaign execution? 

Marvia's Marketing Calendar is flexible, allowing you to add, move or adjust events at any time. Send notifications to ensure that your users are always informed of changes in time. 

flexible marketing calendar

Integrated with DAM

The calendar events can be linked to assets in the DAM system so that users have immediate access to the associated campaign materials such as posters, product photos, videos and webshop products.

calendar dam integration

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Target specific users or groups

Does your campaign only apply to specific regions, branches or groups? No problem!
You can adjust the visibility per event so you can create events for specific user groups or locations.

calendar groups
Marketing Calendar


  • See your entire marketing schedule at glance
  • Keep your local partners in sync
  • Relieve HQ from operational campaign tasks
  • Increase partner participation


Marketing Calendar
Bram Schröder Communications Adviser Retail and Local Marketing at SNS

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