A tailormade environment

Monitor your brand with Brand Manager

A central place where all chosen Marvia modules can be reached from and all your internal communication can be placed. The Marvia communication module allows your organisation to execute marketing from a single point.


Whether you want to keep your employees informed about the latest marketing actions or want to share best practices, an internal communication platform gives you the opportunity to communicate directly with your colleagues in a simple way. But the Marvia Brand Manager is more than just a message board. You can easily access your Digital Brand Identity Guide or Digital Asset Management module from here. By using different landing pages for different user groups, you can not only determine who sees which message, but also who has access to which other Marvia Modules.

What does a brand manager deliver?

With the communication module, your employees are always up-to-date with the latest news and can easily access all (online) marketing materials. This saves your employees time because they do not have to search for the right guidelines or other marketing related files. Also, as an organisation, you keep a grip on your brand because everyone is always up to date with the latest news about your brand, marketing campaigns or other relevant company information.