9 April 2018

Brand Management Software in food

Marvia’s recipe for successful Sligro events

Sligro Food Group consists of food retail and food service companies that focus on the Dutch market. Sligro is the market leader in food service and focuses on large and small-scale catering, caterers, company restaurants and recreation companies. In 50 branches, Sligro offers customers over 60,000 food and food-related non-food items.

Client request

The Sligro branch managers have close contact with their customers and attach great importance to personal attention and knowledge sharing with these food professionals. The branches, therefore, organise special themed evenings several times a year, such as workshops or test nights. Bringing these culinary events to the attention is a time-consuming and costly job. Sligro is looking for a way in which the target group can be approached in a simple way.

How Marvia's software helps

Marvia has created a portal for Sligro that is made up of various modules. The communication module ensures that all branch managers can easily see which events can be organised. They can apply to host an event at the head office, which maintains control in this way. After approval, the marketing materials such as invitations, flyers, signs can be made with the WYSIWYG editor, obviously within the Sligro house style. The expressions can be sent to the printer via the webshop, and the distribution can be scheduled immediately. With the Social Media module, the event can also be announced on the various online channels.

The toolbox has ensured that communication can take place in a uniform manner by the various branches while maintaining the local character.

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  9 April 2018       By Joep Donders

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