13 June 2017

Marvia Brandlocker elected in top 10 best Brand Management Software

Best Brand Management Software

Marvia Brandlocker elected in top 10 best Brand Management Software

At Marvia, ease of use and simplicity has always been given priority over complexity. This vision has now also paid off with a place in the Top 10 best Brand Management Software of Top Best Alternatives.

About Top Best Alternatives

Top Best Alternatives is is a crowdsourced platform for discovering and recommending software. Top Best Alternatives lets you find new and interesting alternatives for the software you are crazy about or dislike. Tell them which software you want to replace and they give you incredible options, based on user reviews.

Why is Marvia's software chosen?

In a world where software is becoming more and more complex, it is the art to make it as easy as possible for the user. The jury of Top Best Alternatives pointed out the following benefits of our software:

  • User-friendly, it is easy to apply structure to your image bank. Also for people who have no experience with the use of image banks;
  • Marvia offers the possibility to create, manage and order your marketing communications in 1 application;
  • Easy to share files with third parties, or assign different rights to different types of users.

Want to experience the simplicity of our software for yourself? Contact us for a free demo.


  13 June 2017       By Merlijn Bruijnes

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