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Roll out nationwide campaigns from one central portal


Pleegzorg Nederland (Foster care the Netherlands) is a partnership of foster care organizations in the Netherlands and is part of Jeugdzorg Nederland, the branch organization for organizations that offer youth care, youth protection and/or youth rehabilitation. Their goal is to provide a realistic and positive view of foster care. Pleegzorg Nederland does not offer foster care itself.

pleegzorg Nederland logo
Government & NGO's


Pleegzorg Nederland provides information to the public and the press, develops campaigns for the recruitment of foster parents and produces national information material about foster care. Their best-known campaigns are Openjewereld.nu and Week of the Foster Care.

For these campaigns, Pleegzorg Nederland works together with foster care organizations and municipalities in the Netherlands, which all have to be provided with the right campaign materials. This process was very time consuming. That is why Pleegzorg Nederland was looking for a solution in which every organization and municipality could download and prepare materials independently.


  • A central portal where all information about the Pleegzorg campaigns is accessible to all local foster care organizations and municipalities.
  • An image bank for all campaign materials, photos, and logos.
  • Local organizations need to be able to create materials quickly, without having to hire an external designer.


For this project we worked together with Pleegzorg's creative agency DEARDAN&Friends.

"The Marvia team really excels in customer service. The structured overviews and the possibility to share our creations with the client works perfectly!"
Danny Debisarun
DannyPleegzorg Nederland / DEARAN&friends


Marvia has realized a brand portal for Pleegzorg Nederland containing a DAM and Branded Templates. Templates allow local organizations to produce quickly, without having to rely on an external designer. Because all locations have their own credentials, users can quickly and easily create their own branding.

pleegzorg DAM
The first campaign where the portal was used was "The Week of the Foster Care". With success: a lot of attention was paid to this campaign. Not only did the national media pay attention, but also regionally there was a lot of attention for the campaign. During the week, more than 4,000 interested parties took a test on the special campaign site and signed up for the mailing. Marvia is proud of her contribution to this campaign.
pleegzorg-templates (1)
84 Users
557 Assets
31 Templates
>3k Created materials

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