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Johnny's Buger Co.

Marketing made easy for franchisees


Johnny's Burger Company was founded in 2011 and is the fastest-growing hamburger take away & delivery formula in the Netherlands. The company initially started with a shop-in-shop construction, where the burgers were sold in restaurants with other products on the menu. Since 2015, Johnny's is only active independently as a franchise formula. The company now has 35 branches in the whole country. 

Johnnys Burger logo
Food and Beverage


As a fast-growing franchise formula, Johnny’s Burger was looking for a scalable solution to safeguard its marketing activities. The central starting point was the question: how can we set up a system that ensures that even if we have ten times more stores, we do not have to use ten times more marketing capacity? Aside from that, they were looking for a solution that would improve their local marketing. They noticed it was difficult to activate their franchisees with marketing, so they were looking for an easy-to-use solution that made marketing simple for franchisees.


  • Image bank for social images, narrowcasting, and other online marketing materials.
  • Image bank for print materials like flyers, posters, menus, and recipes.
  • Templates to create custom, local materials
  • A webshop for branded articles
  • Internal communication possibilities
  • Integration with print supplier
"All restaurants are now provided with the right Johnny's Burger marketing materials. We have a much better on-brand visibility on all channels: in-store, offline, and online. Marvia's solutions offer a scalable marketing tool to support Johnny's Burger in national growth."
Walime BellaiJohnny's Burger Company


Marvia has created a custom brand portal in the brand identity of Johnny's Burger Co. The portal exists of a DAM, Branded Templates and Marketing Shop. Besides that, the portal is connected to Johnny's own print supplier, so local restaurants can directly order their (custom-made) print materials.


Since Johnny's Burger Co. is using the solution, Johnny's sees an increase in marketing activities at their local restaurants. Not only is there an increase in activity, but there is also an increase in the consistent visibility of the brand. By using templates, the brand identity is monitored, but local content can easily be added. In the Marketing Shop, restaurants can order merchandise like workwear and banners.

johnnys-producten (1)
44 Users
120 Assets
15 Templates
35 Webshop articles

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