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HI Canada

Building a strong hostel brand

HI Canada

HI Canada is part of the world's largest hostel network, Hostelling International, made up of 3.300 hostels in 64 countries. Over 50 of those hostels are in Canada, from the Pacific to the Atlantic. 

HI Canada is composed of three regional associations and one national office. Each regional association is responsible for hostel operations and membership activities on its territory.

53 hostels



HI Canada discovered that each of its over 50 locations across Canada had been using brand assets in their own unique way, resulting in a lack of brand consistency nationwide.

Additionally, hotel managers reached out to the marketing team, seeking templates that would allow them to quickly produce branded communications


HI Canada had the following requirements for their brand portal: 

  • A central location to save hotel marketing and communication materials such as photos and posters.
  • An easy-to-use solution to make branded materials while allowing flexibility in terms of design and content.
“Marvia is a very exciting and promising tool for us at HI Canada. Since we rolled it out, our managers have been creating colorful and branded in-hostel communications, which provides for better guest experience and more efficient signage.”
GaëlDirector of Marketing - HI Canada


Marvia has allowed HI Canada to provide their hostels with brand assets and easily customizable marketing templates using our Branded Templates and Digital Asset Management system. The templates are varying from activity posters to Facebook posts.

HI-Canada-transparent (1)

The HI Canada brand portal has standardized its in-hostel communications and improved brand consistency. This gain in time and efficiency allows the team to focus on their number one priority - delivering a great guest experience. Finally, rolling out this new tool across the organization has also led HI Canada to review and improve how they displayed and printed their assets. With Marvia, HI Canada is building stronger brand recognition and providing a better guest experience. 

hi canada templates
68 Users
53 Locations
35 Templates
>12K Created materials

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