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All brand materials available for every reseller and partner

For two decades, Duux has been a leading expert in air treatment. Duux products guarantee healthy and comfortable indoor air all year round. This, combined with eye-catching designs that fit into any interior, has ensured Duux is now a renowned international electronics brand with more than 2,500 sales points in more than 30 countries.

Duux logo
>2,500 sales points


Before Marvia, Duux faced challenges in sharing brand materials with resellers using cloud systems and WeTransfer:

  • Lack of organization, requiring a separate folder to be maintained for each reseller.
  • Finding assets for partners and resellers was a challenge, leading to incorrect and inconsistent usage.
  • Assets could not be converted to other formats, limiting flexibility.
  • Resellers were not properly engaged to start utilizing Duux content.


A centralized solution enabling resellers and partners to effortlessly access the captivating Duux content they desire. Duux was searching for:

  • A Brand Portal that embodies the Duux brand
  • A DAM system to effortlessly manage and organize all digital assets.
  • Digital Brand Guidelines to ensure consistency and cohesion across all channels.
  • The ability to create user groups and analyze user activity.
  • A user-friendly webshop where resellers can order POS materials.
  • An interactive marketing calendar
"Marvia gives us one central place where retailers and distributors access our content. This saves a lot of time and effort, as we no longer need to share files manually. The portal is fully customizable, reflecting our brand identity, and can be easily refreshed with seasonal content."
NaomiDigital Marketing Specialist, Duux
"Marvia has brought us a lot of relief. The portal is not only used as a media database, but it has become the central source for all our partners to get started with our brand. They no longer have to email or call for each file, which means that I can again focus on campaigns and content creation."
Dennis Marketing & e-commerce Manager, Duux


Marvia has created a brand portal that perfectly aligns with the Duux brand guidelines. The portal encompasses a powerful DAM, digital Brand Guidelines, and a webshop for ordering POS materials.

Increase in asset downloads

The Duux Brand Portal serves as a global hub for resellers and partners to effortlessly obtain the latest Duux assets. With just a few clicks, they can access a wide range of high-quality photos and videos showcasing Duux products, available for immediate download in their preferred file formats. As a result, there has been a significant surge in the number of asset downloads and orders for POS materials

duux brand portal homepage

Enhanced brand identity

The combination of the DAM and digital brand identity guide empowers resellers to effectively use branded materials, download files anywhere, and eliminate risks of using outdated or incorrect materials. This enhances Duux's online and in-store content, fortifying the brand's value.

Saving time and increasing productivity

Resellers and partners can now independently search for captivating photos, logos, and campaign materials through the Duux Brand portal. This eliminates the need for the marketing department to waste time sending files or sharing Dropbox folders, allowing them to focus on creating compelling campaigns and captivating content.

Duux lifestyle shoot digital assets
57 Users
3163 Assets
25 Products
11163 Asset Downloads

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