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A political party with local and national presence


D66, or Democrats '66, is a Dutch social-liberal political party, progressive and democratic in nature. D66 has been in the House of Representatives since 1967. Also, D66 is active in 291 municipal councils, in all provincial councils, and the European Parliament. Moreover, D66 is also a member party with more than 27,000 members.
d66 logo
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Political parties must also remain visible in the changing media landscape in which both offline and online presence is important, D66 noted. The party has grown strongly in recent years, and as the party gained more members and departments, the number of requests for communication materials in the corporate identity increased.

The challenges D66 faced were: 

  • Little knowledge of the corporate identity among the members 
  • Design programs to create content were difficult to use and time-consuming
  • The national expressions of D66 were not local enough
  • The use of graphic designers for local expressions took too much time


D66 was searching for a solution in which:

  • Images, videos, and logos can be centralized 
  • All municipal council factions, members of parliament and provincial departments have access to these materials
  • Printed matter such as posters, flyers and documents can be designed in the corporate style by all users
  • Users can design online expressions such as Social Media posts
  • Personalization or localization of the above expressions is possible.
"The best thing about working with Marvia is that departments can show their individuality but still emerge as a unit." 
RobbinMarketing & Communications @ D66


Marvia fulfilled all of D66's wishes by developing a tailor-made Brand Portal, completely styled according to D66's brand identity. The Brand Portal consists of Marvia's Digital Asset Management system and Branded Templates and is accessible to all D66 (chamber) members and departments spread all over the country.

Brand portal D66

D66’s Brand Portal is now home to all D66 members and departments. All materials are always and everywhere accessible so that users are always able to reinforce D66's message.  

Because all content can be drawn up in a recognizable D66 style, everyone contributes to the national message of D66 and there is unity among the departments and members. All members and departments can create their own content, showing a huge increase in localized and personalized content.

d66 templates
D66 x Marvia Best Practice

A personalized and localized election campaign

During the parliamentary elections of 2021, all D66 candidates were able design and distribute their own posters, flyers and social media posts using templates. This way, all members could create campaign materials themselves.

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