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Providing on-site caterers with the right marketing materials



Albron, the leading food service company in the Netherlands, invents, builds, and manages branded food concepts. Nearly 1,000 companies, governments, schools, universities, hospitals, care institutions, and residential recreation facilities utilize the company's on-site catering services.

In addition to its on-site catering services, Albron is proud to own or license a wide range of food service brands, including renowned names like Starbucks, Anne & Max, and Le Perron.

Food Service
> 500 

Marketing Shop, DAM,
Branded Templates


Albron goes beyond just catering services, offering exclusive branded food concepts that have their own distinct identity. Ensuring that clients have access to the right materials is vital. In the past, Albron relied on a printer's tool for ordering printed materials and a supplier's web shop for purchasing tableware. This caused the following challenges:

  • Long processing times

  • Poor inventory management leads to operational challenges.

  • Lack of location management prevents the linking of concepts to specific venues.


Albron sought a comprehensive solution that would empower them to:

  • Set up different (food) concepts and their corresponding product selections
  • Arrange users into distinct groups
  • Integrate their existing suppliers seamlessly
  • Implement efficient inventory management
  • Facilitate the export of orders for swift financial settlement
"Marvia is a very committed and skilled organization. It's very nice working with them: they are no-nonsense and stick to agreements. They collaborate, constantly develop, and always strive for the most suitable solution at every level in the brand portal."
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BabsTraffic Marketer, Albron


The Marvia Distributed Marketing Platform enables Albron to centralize all brand materials for its diverse range of food concepts on a user-friendly portal.

Each location is granted access to materials specifically related to the branded food concepts they offer, thanks to an extensive right structure. 

Albron concept visual

With the help of Branded Templates, every location has the power to effortlessly design their own multi-channel marketing materials that are tailored to their local audience. Plus, they can conveniently place orders for print materials directly from the supplier.

With the Marketing Shop, locations have the convenience of ordering essential supplies such as tableware and kitchen equipment. Albron's brand portal empowers them to effortlessly manage inventories and export orders for financial settlement, streamlining location management to a great extent.

Albron webshop
>30 brands
>500 locations
>800K product orders
>2000 template creations

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