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Providing on-site caterers with the right marketing materials


Albron is the largest catering company in the Netherlands and invents, builds, and manages branded food concepts. Nearly 1,000 companies, governments, schools, universities, hospitals, care institutions, events, and residential recreation facilities utilize the company's on-site catering services. The company owns or licenses many food service brands in addition to its on-site catering services, including Starbucks, coffee companies, Anne & Max, and Le Perron.

Albron logo
INDUSTRYFood and Beverages


Albron offers more than just catering services, they offer unique branded food concepts with their own brand identity. Providing the right materials is essential for all clients. Albron previously used a printer's tool for ordering printed matter, and a supplier's web shop for purchasing tableware prior to the arrival of Marvia's Brand Portal. This caused the following challenges:

  • Long throughput times;

  • Poor inventory management causes operational problems;

  • There was no location management: concepts could not be linked to locations. 



Albron was searching for a solution that would allow them to:

  • Set up different (food) concepts and their associated ranges/materials

  • Organize users into different groups

  • Ensure their current suppliers are integrated

  • Have inventory management

  • Export orders for financial settlement

"Marvia is a very committed and skilled organization. It's very nice working with them: they are no-nonsense and stick to agreements. They think along, constantly develop, and always strive for the most suitable solution at every level in the brand portal."
Albron avatar
BabsTraffic Marketeer - Albron


The Marvia Local Marketing Platform enables Albron to centralize all brand materials for all different food concepts on an easy-to-use cloud-based portal.

Every location can only access materials associated with the branded food concepts they offer due to an extensive log-in rights structure.

Albron horeca concept

Every location can easily create its own, locally relevant multi-channel marketing materials using the Branded Templates and order print materials directly from the supplier. 

Locations can order supplies like tableware and kitchen equipment through the Marvia Marketing Shop.
By using the brand portal, Albron is able to manage inventories and export orders for financial settlement, making

Albron Marketing Shop
>30 Brands
>500 Locations
>800K Product orders
>2000 Template creations
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