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Marvia for Retail

The distributed marketing platform to manage your retail brand
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How Marvia helps retail

  • Create a user-friendly platform for your retail locations.
  • Seamlessly distribute campaigns on your preferred channels.
  • Efficiently share assets with partners and resellers.
  • Benefit from ordering your POS and other marketing materials in bulk.
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Key features for retail brands

Your all-in-one platform

In the fast-moving world of retail, efficiency and clarity are essential. Our user-friendly platform is built to facilitate collaboration in a way that works for. you. Customize your portal to your needs to create materials, launch seasonal campaigns, analyze your results, and much more.

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Retail campaigns, quick and easy

The retail landscape changes constantly, which means you consistently roll out new marketing campaigns for new collections, seasons, you name it. Our portal allows you to deploy campaigns for all your locations in a way that fits your local community. It gives you an overview of the campaign distribution, materials ordered, and more.

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Trusted by retailers around the globe

“Marvia's platform is a huge relief for our marketing department and our users. We have been working with Marvia for a few months now and everyone who works with it is very enthusiastic. Moreover, the portal is very user-friendly and completely styled according to the Steve Madden brand identity.”
Lisanne StolkMarketing Coordinator - Steve Madden Europe

Everything about your products

Having access to the correct product information is essential to retailers. In Marvia's platform, you store and manage all brand materials, marketing collateral, and other online assets in one central library, and integrate your PIM so you have all your product info at hand when you need it. 

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Part of your ecosystem

We understand the complexities of the retail industry and are dedicated to seamlessly integrating into your already existing operational ecosystem. 

We integrate your current suppliers, such as printers, POS systems, and PIM solutions, into our portal to streamline your marketing operations. 

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Ready to see what Marvia can do for your retail brand?

Get in touch today, our experts are here to show you the basics of how our distributed marketing software works and how it can benefit your retail brand.