Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software

Access all brand assets from one central location.
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Wasting time endless searching folders to find the right assets?

Improve efficiency and reduce the risk of incorrect assets being used by using digital asset management software.

Make managing all of your brand's digital files effortless, whatever the size of your organization. Access your digital brand files anywhere and at any time through one central cloud-based portal. 

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DAM Software Benefits

  • Accelerate creativity and production cycles
  • Ensure brand consistency across all channels
  • Always updated and synced to everyone everywhere
  • Easily share content from your DAM with internal and external parties
  • Eliminate the cost of lost or misplaced work

Over 80.000 Marvia users worldwide and counting

"Since the introduction of our brand portal Kabritaworld, Global Marketing has a central position within our organisation, and has more focus since Kabritaworld is the go-to marketing hub for all our partners."
Job Global Brand Manager - Kabrita

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Digital Asset Management Core Features

file-folder-icon Organise

Build collections and libraries for specific asset types, projects, or markets.

video-icon Preview Preview of all files including videoplay, InDesign files, and MS Office documents.
share-icon Share

Share content easily and securely straight from your DAM via transfer link, custom collections or channels.

protection-icon Protect and Control Add expiration dates, watermarks, and publication rights

Open Upload

Upload files in the DAM without logging in. This is ideal for users who often upload content, and when you work with external parties such as photographers. 

open upload items

Smart Search

Easily find the right assets thanks to extensive tagging and meta-tagging. Search assets by keywords or attributes.

The product detail view shows all scraped metadata like size, format, DPI and expiring dates. 


Layered User Rights

Get the right people seeing the right content at the click of a button. As an admin of the system, you can easily create user groups and decide what they can see and do.

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